How to Get over and Prevent Headaches

Causes of Headaches There are a number of factors that cause headaches. Questions to ask yourself as to why the headaches are happening? What is the flicker rate of your light bulbs (at work and home)? How much artificial blue light are you exposed to (from bulbs and devices)? How shallow is your breathing (95% […]

The Efficiency 2.0 Seminar

Accomplish Your Goals in Less Time Mediocrity is often the result of years in inherited poor time management because we’ve never been taught how to get what we want done. Stagnation doesn’t exist in certain people’s lives and there are techniques they use that are the opposite of what 99% of people do with their […]

Can Your Eating Utensils Cause Digestion Problems or Make You Sick?

What’s Wrong with Metal Utensils? Stainless steel mills don’t exist so much in the US, so most of the utensils we eat with are metal and most likely from China. The problem is that these utensils could contain aluminum, lead, iron and other toxic metals. Heavy metals like these can create a toxic environment in the […]

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