The Art of Unity offers a path to help those seeking to find contentment in their life and relationships through self improvement. However, it is also important to note that if it only includes yourself, and not the environment, or others, it will feel incomplete to you in some way because if it is only self you are interested in improving, it may as well just be one more narcissistic endeavor.

Below there are a few foundations, charities, or volunteer organizations I have found great satisfaction in helping the causes they represent. If you have others you would like to suggest, please message me with their info.



Free Wheelchair Mission


Who we are: Free Wheelchair Mission is a humanitarian, faith-based, non-profit organization that distributes free wheelchairs to the disabled poor in the developing world. To date, we have provided over 682,000 wheelchairs in 87 countries.

Why we do it: There is an estimated 100 million people who cannot walk due to the effects of war and landmines, untreated birth defects and injuries, polio, and malaria. Many literally drag themselves across the ground or rely on loved ones to carry them to meet their most basic needs. Providing the gift of mobility will give them independence to go outside, attend school, become employed…a truly a transforming gift.

Click this link to Learn more or donate (501-C3 tax exempt) to the Free Wheel Chair Mission:


Room To Read

Room to Read: World Change Starts with Educated Children ®

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What does Room to Read do?

We’re fighting global poverty the best way we know how—by partnering with communities across Asia and Africa to improve educational opportunities for children. To achieve this goal, we focus on the two areas where we can have the most impact: literacy and gender equality in education.
Our literacy programs focus on helping primary school children become lifelong, independent readers by establishing libraries, improving school infrastructure, publishing local language children’s books and supporting reading and writing instruction through teacher training and material development.
At the secondary school level, we focus on making sure girls have the material and emotional support necessary to succeed in school and beyond. In developing countries, girls are far more likely to drop out than their male peers due to cultural bias, societal pressures and other factors. Our program provides material and academic support along with life skills workshops, to help girls become educated, empowered women capable of making informed decisions.

To Donate (501-C3 tax exempt) or learn more, click here for


OHFF Logo Banner jpegOf Home, Family and Future

Who We Are:
Of Home, Family and Future” is a non-profit organization formed to offer a different kind of assistance to domestic violence survivors and college-bound foster care youth. We know that for people with the desire to succeed, providing long-term, comprehensive support can help create lasting change.
Our Initiatives:
The Domestic Violence Initiative aims to provide comprehensive and long-term support to working women survivors of domestic violence and their children. Through this program, women are given access to the resources they need in order to rebuild strong and economically independent families, empowering them to make significant and lasting changes in their lives and those of their children.

The Educational Mentoring Program (EMP) helps students from the foster care system achieve their goal of completing college. Many of these students drop out of college because they don’t feel comfortable in their environment, not because they’re intellectually unable to do the work. The EMP focuses on students who possess the strength of character and intellectual tools to break the cycle of poverty, drugs and despair, but are often lost to society due to lack of appropriate support. In cooperation with partner agencies, this program provides vital support to enable these students to become college graduates and contributors to society.

Website address:

Donate here (501-C3 tax exemption)  –

Here is an interview with the founders:


Pencils of Promise:

Mission: Pencils of Promise believes every child should have access to quality education. They create schools, programs, and global communities around the common goal of education for all.

Join Pencils of Promise (PoP) to send 5,000 students back to school. In the communities Pencils of Promise partners with in Laos, Ghana, and Guatemala, less than half of children have what they need to progress from primary to secondary school. Pencils of Promise scholarships give students the resources they need for a full year of secondary school.
Every year of school brightens the promise of a child’s future. You can help. One scholarship covers a year of education for a child. It includes a backpack with school supplies, school fees like tuition or dorm fees, and a school uniform. The cost per student is $100, but the impact on their future is much greater. Join us and start a fundraiser today. Everyone has promise. Education unlocks it.
Here is what they do:

Here is how they do it:


web_logoThe Food Recovery Network ( is something you can donate to or do on your own to use food going to waste in schools and colleges to feed people in need. Start a chapter in your school!

Get involved here:


donacionesThis organization is run and established by the Kogi of Colombia. The beneficiary of these projects and social programs are the most vulnerable population of indigenous communities mainly orphaned children and abandoned elderly. They offer help for their most basic needs. They carry out reforestation, health, training, nutrition and more. If you share their cause and want to support they invite you to link to their projects and programs. They appreciate any help through donations and / or necessities, in order to fulfill this mission of social responsibility.

The article 125 of the Tax Code of the Republic of Colombia, taxpayers income tax are entitled to deduct from income value for the donations to their foundations.

This is a documentary about the Kogi people 


Do you prefer to donate your time?

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Grassroots Volunteering connects travelers with Local Causes and Communities. Take a trip to many places around the world and volunteer in local communities.

Click here to learn more:

Here are the list of places you can go and volunteer:


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Guided Meditation Mini-Courses

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