How to Meditate (Downloads Below)

(All level Guided Meditation audio downloads below) In this video, I talk about techniques for meditation including one for incorporating your Qi (or Chi) as a way of removing negative energy or emotions and adding the positive emotions you want. In the audio downloads below the video, you will have a complete tutorial of what to do and how to meditate with me guiding you through it. Another option is to sign up for my online meditation class. This is a series of guided meditations each week done with a group, starting with a question and answer. Click here to learn more.

About These Meditation Techniques

These videos are designed to show you important aspects of your physical and spiritual body that most people have not yet accessed because they are not aware they exist. A regular practice using these techniques can help you to get the most from all aspects of your job, relationship, finances, health, and your path in life. They have also been shown to increase your energy, allow for better sleep, and other unexpected positive occurrences.

Part of the reason people have so much success with these meditations is because they combine activity from your physical, mental, and energetic body and attune you to your highest vibration. They can also help you with stress, lack of confidence, overeating, bad habits, and self-doubt.

About the Audio Downloads Below

meditationsThe meditations below have been developed from over 20 years of personal study with Buddhist monks, Shamanic healers, and other Gurus, while living throughout Asia, Central and South America, and other places I've studied throughout the world. They are thousand-year-old Non-Religious practices, that were once in secret and are now available. People I have taught in my classes or privately have lowered stress, overcome overwhelming emotional pain and even physical pain and have even connected with unexplainable higher forces. But most importantly once committed, an immediate effect is that positive coincidences and connections almost always dramatically increase in a new practitioners life. They also tell me they have better clarity, creativity, and feel more confident in themselves.

I have traveled around the world teaching these meditation in places like Hong Kong to large corporate clients, India to those on a spiritual quest, Costa Rica, New York, and Los Angeles and have charged thousands of dollars in some cases. Because of the possibility to reach a mass audience through this site, I’m able to offer the same meditations for just a few dollars each. This can be your new morning cup of coffee, but you only have to buy them once! Descriptions for each are available by clicking on the file. My suggestion is to start with the first one and work your way through each. Each one can be done once, or as many times as you like with better and better results the more you do them.

Audio Downloads

The audio downloads below are based on the above meditation technique explained in the video. Frequently asked questions are below the downloads. Any further questions can be directed to

Any meditation is free for any veterans, active military personnel, fireman, or police officers, contact us with your ID and we will send to you. All money made is put directly back towards free videos and information about health and wellness found in this site. Thank you!

Menu of Meditations & Where to begin:

Clicking on each meditation will give you a full description of each. Below is a summary of the effect of each meditation. If you have a particular thing you are working on such as getting over a break-up or dealing with depression those are here. But for general desire to meditate I recommend using them in the order they appear. That is starting with the ball of light, then emotional extraction to remove any negative energy, then chakra meditation, then unity and so on.

  • Ball of light – a way to charge and cleanse your energy, go into an alpha state and get out of your thoughts. My first meditation in all of my classes.
  • Emotional Extraction – A powerful way to remove any negative emotions and bring you back to feeling yourself.
  • Chakra Technique Meditation – Powerful way to charge each of the energy centers in your body giving you better results in areas of your life such as grounded-ness, sex, creativity, self-esteem, compassion, expression, insight, and connection to spirit.
  • Couple's Tantric/Energy - Using Tantric energy techniques the couple is shown how to combine their heart and sexual energy for more passion and understanding for one another.
  • Morning Motivation – Do you have trouble getting out of bed in the morning? Dealing with Depression or low energy? This can help.
  • Unity Consciousness – Connect to what indigenous tribes refer to as Mother Earth for grounding and move into your heart's energy to connect with the divine. A powerful way to manifest and move to higher dimensions or mental states.
  • Meditation for Addiction - Meditation is proven more powerful than many typical approaches to overcome addiction. This guided meditation is a powerful way to help overcome any negative habit or pattern.
  • Chronic Negativity Release – Do you sometimes feel cursed? Feel that you cannot get out of a rut? This can help get in touch with why energetically as well as subconsciously and remove it.
  • Self-Healing Meditation –The most powerful techniques I have found to bring in assistance in self-healing, Chi, and positive light to help with any type of self-healing.
  • Remote Healing – (Known as Remote Healing) These are the most powerful techniques I have found to bring in assistance in sending love, healing, Chi, and positive light to assist in the healing of someone else.
  • Flower Technique – Do you have trouble manifesting? This can show you why. It is a way to tap into your subconscious and see the level of power you have for manifesting and how to improve it.
  • Emotional Extraction Part 2 - Three techniques for dealing with unhealthy Attachment
  • Pregnancy Meditation – Are you or do you know someone who is pregnant? This helps the mother feel at ease with the upcoming birthing process and further consciously connect mother (or father) to the baby in a powerfully moving way.

Order Four or More Meditations (or Chi Gong) & Get Them For Just 4.99

    Barrier of Light Meditation

    This is the first and foundation of the series of no-fluff, advanced meditations made simple that create a specific result that can positively change things within your life, often immediately. When you travel to study with Monks or Shamans they use techniques...


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    Emotional Extraction

    This meditation is especially good if you are carrying a strong negative emotion such as a break up, Anxiety, depression, feeling of betrayal, job loss, nervousness or any bad feeling you have that you want to get rid of....


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    Chakra Healing Meditation Technique

    The Seven Chakras Healing Technique Within our body there are seven energy centers known as “chakras”. They begin at the groin area, move up through the vertical center of the body, and end at the crown of the head....


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    Couple’s Tantra/Energy Meditation

    Couples Meditation This meditation is a way of clearing negative energy and bringing in and sharing love energy between two people. It is a powerful  tantric technique, that anyone can do, to join your energy and chakras. This is...


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    Unity Consciousness

    This mediation will take you thorough a technique that will show you how to connect your hearts energy to the earth and the sun and allow you to enter into a unity that can show you how to connect...


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    Meditation to Release Addictions

    Meditation to Release Addictions Addictions are often a disguise to protect us from an overindulgent fear from lack of control or feeling overwhelmed. In this meditation we incorporate many tools to create a change in your emotional and energetic...


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    Self Healing Meditation Technique

    In many years of studying healing with great teachers, I have been shown unusual ways to offer self healing energy through Chi Gong, Meditation, and more. This meditation combines my favorite techniques that I personally use when in any...


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    Flower Technique

    Explanation of Flower Meditation Technique: The flower meditation is based on your ability to identify flow in areas of your life as well as your ability to manifest. It can show you where you have blocks and with awareness...


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FAQ About Meditation

Do I need prior experience to do these meditations? No, the techniques are explained in the introductory video above, and in the meditation itself (the audio file), I walk you through each part, explaining everything you need to do. You won’t need anything else but you can email us if you have a question at ( We have 100% success rate with people who are committed to the practice.

Where should I do these? I recommend doing them in a comfortable place such as your bed before you go to sleep or when you wake up. They can be done anywhere you feel comfortable. Just don’t do them while driving or any place relaxation can cause a problem since they can put you in an altered state or to sleep.

How will these help me meditate better? These meditations are designed to focus your mind so that you are not distracted by your random thoughts. As explained in the Benefits of Meditation video below, it will provide you with all the benefits without the negative or excessive thoughts getting in the way.

Why should I meditate? More and more science is proving the incredible benefits meditation provides, it is a practice everyone can and does benefit greatly from. See the video above explaining benefits of meditation or my blog here.

Why Meditate

Almost everyone I speak to lately wants to meditate but do not on a regular basis. They often think it's because they are lazy, but I prefer to think that they have not yet found the benefit of meditation specific to what they want to motivate them to do it every day. In this video I present some unusual benefits that might get you to start a regular practice. For the full blog click here.

Why should I do these meditations over others? All meditation practices are beneficial. These have been developed over my 20 years of personal experience based on thousand year old practices, that will allow you to focus better and move into an Alpha state long enough to experience all the benefits of meditation including a mind-body-spirit alignment, long after you’ve completed the meditation.

What is Chi-Gong (QiGong) and How to Do It

Chi (also spelled Qi, and called Prana in India) is the word the Chinese use for inner energy. It exists within, and all around us. It flows naturally in a healthy body, but its flow is prevented by negative emotions, stress, fears, etc, which leads to sickness and disease. Acupuncture is the practice of moving your Chi around your body for the purpose of healing. Practicing the exercises in the video below is a great way to move your chi for more energy, health, happiness, and wellness of your physical, mental and spiritual body. It can also be used for weight loss. More on this can be found by clicking here to read the full blog.  Practicing these will also strengthen your Chi like a muscle and allow you to become more powerful in the meditations I teach in the downloads above.

Can I lie down when I do these? You can, however you will probably fall asleep. If that is your sole objective, then by all means, but these meditations will have best results sitting with your back straight perpendicular to the ground. This puts your Chakras in alignment.

Where is my third eye? Your third eye can be found about an inch above your eyebrows in the center of your forehead. The exact location can be found by measuring the distance from the tip of your chin to the tip of your nose with your thumb and index finger. Once you have this measured without moving your hand, move your thumb from your chin to the tip of your nose. Where your index finger is now will be your third eye point. This is where you should look up to when in meditation. Looking here will help to activate your third eye for insight and your pineal gland, connecting you to universal energy.

Can I use this audio file on my computer, ipod, iphone? These are MP3 files and can be used on any devices. Email with any problems.

How does stress effect your brain?