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Life often has a bigger and more evolved plan then many people are executing. Happiness, health, security, and abundance should be a part of every life plan and is possible when in good emotional, physical, and spiritual health allowing for the...

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Understanding your body’s pH and How an Acid or Alkaline balance can make or break your Health and Weight


Understanding your Body’s pH Understanding your blood’s acid/alkaline balance or pH (potential for hydrogen) is crucial to health since it can protect us from inside out as disease cannot take root in our body with a balanced pH. An imbalance allows unhealthy organisms to flourish, damages tissues and organs and compromises the immune system. Your […]

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Forget Plastic Surgery Take Collagen For Younger Skin

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What is Collagen? Popular in our grandparents time Gelatin (cooked collagen) is making a big come back from paleo dieters and traditional foods coming back from health reasons, such as bone broth (see my blog on how to make here). It’s a superfood that is also a big part of the GAPS diet, which has […]

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How to Move the Lymphatic System and the Life Saving Benefits Of


What is the Lymphatic System? Most people know they have a lymphatic system, but not much more about it. Often it is the first treatment to improve health and illness in Ayurveda. Our lymphatic system works to remove toxins, fight viral, fungal, and bacterial disease, regulates the amount of fluid in our tissues, and absorbs […]

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How to Lower Inflammation – The Root of All Disease


Everything You Need to Know to Protect yourself from Dangerous Inflammation, the root of all disease. – How to Lower Inflammation Inflammation – Normal and Abnormal We need inflammation in our body for normal detox and repair otherwise we would have infection constantly but too much inflammation causes serious problems. There are no symptoms when […]

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Dry Brushing Video: Is it Really That Beneficial? Even for Men?


Dry Brushing: How To Do It & Why You Should Your Skin & Detox: Whether you know it or not your skin plays an important role in detoxification, but if it’s overrun with toxins or dead skin cells, it can’t eliminate wastes efficiently. This is where dry brushing is invaluable. It removes dead skin and […]

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Start Meditating & Stop Bullshitting Yourself Why You Don’t – 7 Myths to Stop Telling Yourself


Start Meditating Now – 7 things about meditation to stop bullshitting yourself about As someone who has benefited in sport, finance, health, relationships, sex, overall happiness, and more, it pains me to see people lie to themselves about why they don’t meditate. Every person I know who does it regularly has huge improvements in their […]

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Foods and Herbs to Overcoming Addiction Naturally & those to Avoid – Part 2

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Foods and Herbs to overcome addiction naturally (continued - for part 1 on a psychological and spiritual approach click...

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Overcoming Addiction Naturally with a Psychological, Spiritual, & Nutritional approach – Part 1

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Overcoming Addiction Naturally Because addictions can so strongly pull you in the direction you don’t want to go, in ord...

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