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Through Meditation, Chi Gong, Conscious Relationships, & Nutrition we strive to create content to raise the collective consciousness & individual growth.

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Lieutenant B. Fernandez


In April of 2022, I attended the 40-hour Art of Unity Anti-Burnout & Stress Reduction Training hosted by Bill Farr. I have been a law enforcement officer for 22 years and was a bit skeptical of the course and the topics listed on the training flyer. This was based on my own ignorance and lack of understanding of what the course truly entailed. Over the course of the week, Bill opened my eyes to many different aspects of self-healing, anger management, breathing techniques, appreciation of self and family, meditation, and overall mental wellbeing. Bill is extremely passionate about helping others and providing you with tools to help yourself in a variety of different ways. Bill has a plethora of experience and has dedicated much of his life to learning and understating alternate methods of self-help that make sense and work! Even if you as the student don’t take each lesson and apply it, there are so many different aspects, you are guaranteed to walk away with something beneficial. From a law enforcement aspect, there are so many things you see and deal with over the course of your career that affect your well-being. This course puts things in perspective and provides you with so many tools to improve yourself. I wish I would have the opportunity to take this class in the academy rather than 22 years into the profession!

Deputy Sheriff Fred Martinez


With 26 years on, I really appreciated Bill’s emphasis on the techniques that he presented helping us with what matters most which is lifestyle including family. I want to thank Bill for an excellent presentation. I do encourage anyone who is considering participating in one of his seminars to do so. You will be so very satisfied with the information and the techniques he provides to be very useful.

Deputy Sheriff David Rata


The anti-burnout and stress reduction course is hands down the best class I’ve ever taken in my 15-year career. Bill Farr is amazing human being. He is very knowledgeable on nutrition, biohacking, longevity, how to deal with different illness, and more. His course literally covers everything that can benefit you as a whole. Including health, stress management, how to lower cortisol levels, scheduling, adrenal fatigue, anxiety, nutrition, strength training, exercising, and meditation practices that will benefit everyone. Even if a person would implement 1 to 2% of what Bill teaches, their life would be feeling better, looking better, and performing better. I highly recommend this course to anyone especially those highly stressed no matter what your profession is. It’s hands-down the best course that I’ve ever taken in my life. Thank you, Bill, for teaching your protocols and taking the time to put this all together. This seminar is going to make you a better person better at your job a better husband/wife and better mother/father. Thank you

Tom Pinkas, Founder CEO Algo Picante


Every once in a while you meet someone that has an enormous impact on your life, that helps you open your eyes and reach profound realizations. I was fortunate enough to find Bill and recommend his seminars to everyone seeking a higher perspective and the kind of lifestyle, relationship, & body you want, free of your own thought patterns getting in the way. I thank you from the bottom of my heart!

Sebastian Di Luciano, Entrepreneur, import/export


Bill’s seminars changed my life. Got into my perfect fit relationship, and discovered many subconscious blocks that I have the tools to deal with. I use meditation regularly and notice how it’s even improved my business and lifestyle. My life coming into the seminar is completely altered in a positive way compared to how it is now. My relationship, my business, my quality of life, and my health all have greatly improved. Thank you Bill!

Jana Dufort, LMFT

As a professional in the mental health industry, I love referring clients to Bill because he offers a complete approach to wellness where most other counselors or coaches fall flat. His seminars on overcoming burnout and turning your life around are life-changing. Highly recommend.

Dr. Cal, MD, Psychiatrist


Bill Helped Tremendously I definitely couldn’t have stayed as calm and made it through my natural birth without him! Thanks to Bill I started using his guided meditations and techniques, especially with all I was going through back then.

Laura McLauchlin, Marriage & Family Therapist, M.S., LMFT, Counsel for “Teen Mom” (Season 4)


“Bill’s seminars are just what they say. Life-changing, offering positive growth in all aspects of life and easily applicable for anyone.”


Nataliya Nozharova, Life Coach, M.A. in Spiritual Psychology, Author, “The Heart’s Diaries”


“This work will expedite dating failure and success, and show you how to achieve harmony, move to a purposeful life with more pleasure, less suffering, and teach you all you need to become healthy. You want real change? Then do this seminar with Bill.”


Harry Paul, Shamanic healer & Life Coach


This seminar is like no other in that it will take your whole life and transform it into one completely different from the day you started it.

Claude Hall, OM Instructor & Intuitive Life Coach


Enlightening! The Power of Personality Types empowers you, teaching you how to build relationships with those who naturally match with you and dance with the challenges of those who don’t

Cindy Lu, Love Coach, Author, “The Four Man Plan”


The powerful insights in this book develops your understanding of yourself, your partner and how you relate to each other and the world.”

Christopher MacLellan, CSA, Host of ‘Be A Heatlhy Caregiver’ Radio


In The Power of Love and Relationships, Author Bill Farr soothing style and pragmatic approach, allows his readers the comfort to look inward in order to better understand the choice made in relationships. Whether you’ve been married 50 years are just now looking at entering a relationship, Bill’s book teaches us how to transform strained relationships while helping people find their perfect match for their personality type.

Lynn Thompson Host “Living on Purpose” Radio


I could imagine the laughter of someone listening while I was reading “The Power of Personality Types in Love and Relationships” by Bill Farr, hearing my outright laughter at times (in recognition and revelation) and ‘ah-ha’ and ‘ohhhhh’ exclamations. Truly, Bill has handled a very complex topic in such a clear and organized manner. I congratulate him on the ease in which his ideas are communicated.

Regal Hawke Relationship Coach, Motivational Speaker, On-Air Personality


Bill Farr was the most enlightening interview I’ve had thus far. Most people write a book just to call themselves authors, but Billy invested careful thought to empower readers with helpful tools to improve their lives. If you’re really ready to get off the relationship merry-go-round, do yourself a favor and read his book.

Sonya D. Swinton, National radio host of Internet Celebrity™ Magazine & Radio Show


Bill Farr’s book, “The Power of Personality Types in Love and Relationships,” can assist you in building an extraordinary relationship of love, trust and respect by using his proven strategies and techniques.

Adria Crum, Shamanic Practitioner, Seven Directions Journeys


The Power of Personality Types is a guide for self-awareness of your own individual personality type and the pitfalls that may arise in engaging with others who have different communication styles and emotional needs as well as methods to choose more complementary partners going forward.”

Barb Adams, Talk Radio Host, Amerika Now


Bill Farr’s passion for helping people and his deep understanding of what it takes to move beyond burnout and have a successful relationship is immediately evident in his seminars. As a guest on my show, I found Bill to be an excellent speaker and extremely knowledgeable about the connection between mind, body, and spirit in overcoming burnout as well as preparing oneself for both finding a perfect mate as well as moving towards higher consciousness. Bill’s combination of professionalism and his sincere desire to be of service made interviewing him a joy. I am grateful to have Bill as a friend and colleague, and would highly recommend Bill and his work to anyone seeking the path to improvement & enlightened relationships.

Dr. Fred (DocFred) Simkovsky


Bill Farr, the founder of Art of Unity, is absolutely unique. His energy, vigor, and dedication to guide people to find their balance of mind, body, and spirit is so compelling. Just speaking with him motivates you to excellence. He truly understands the relationship and power of personality, love, and building sustaining relationships. His book The Power of Personality Types in Love and Relationships is not just riveting but will spur you to go out and use all his knowledge & experience immediately. Bill is truly an amazing man of power! It was an absolute privilege to have him as my guest on my show Visions of Success Talk Radio.

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