Chi Gong / Tai Chi

*yinyangChi Gong (QiGong) & Tai Chi

are ancient ways of moving your internal energy for health and even new practitioners notice a result immediately. This can be done for the purpose of eliminating toxins, obtaining health and wellness, helping with any illness or pain, maintaining energy, alleviating and eliminating anxiety or negative emotions, and many other positive reasons.

What is Chi?

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Chi (or Qi, Ki) is our life force energy. It is the basis of acupuncture and traditional chinese medicine to balance and enhance chi to bring for optimal physical and mental health.

The concept exists in most ancient cultures: In India, it is called prana; China, chi; Japan, ki; and Native Americans, the Great Spirit. For all these and other cultures this energy is central to their medicine and healing.

This video explains the direct benefits of Chi gong for Weight loss and stress:

Our Chi can be enhanced with positive thoughts, exercise, healthy food, and balanced living. If our Chi is not flowing, it will be reflected in our posture, mood, mental capacity, the way we speak, look and behave. Unbalanced chi causes your emotions to become agitated and distressed. Balanced chi causes your emotions to become smooth and more satisfying. When in balance, chi enhances your creativity at all levels, such as art, business, relationships, etc. Spiritually chi allows us to enter into higher states of consciousness. The practice of Chi Gong helps you to directly experience this in your body and control it at will.

If you have erectile dysfunction due to stress, then you can reduce the dose of Viagra.

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Moving your internal energy in this way can also be done in my guided meditations seen here in my meditations page. 

The exercises should be done with intention. This means while you are doing them, think of the positive results you would like to achieve. That means generating health, abundance, energy, better circulation, balance, connecting with the earth, improving your energy, etc. These movements are also a form of active meditation.


As explained further in the videos, having the intent to gather the Chi energy or “Prana” around you and circulate it through your body will allow you to be a magnet or conductor of it. After completing the techniques you can direct this energy, with your hands, to different parts of your body. This is especially effective for the areas of your body that hold tension, such as your face, neck, shoulders or any other part you would like to focus and add healing energy to.

Chi or Prana, is all around us and these movements activate them in and around your body.

Your chi is very receptive, and once you work with it for just a short time you can direct it’s movement in the same way you do any of your physical body parts. Just thinking about it activates it for any practitioner of chi-gong or Tai Chi. They will also charge your energy body including your Chakras and Aura.

tai chi for beginners

My favorite place to do this is touching the earth, such as the beach, or a park, so that you can generate energy and free electrons from the earth, as explained in my video here about earthing or grounding.

The Chi Gong Videos are now offered as a full course

(The Chi Gong Course on Weight Loss & Digestion can be found Here)

Click on Each Video Below for more information. Frequently asked questions are below the downloads. Any further questions can be directed to

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    Chi Gong for Weight Loss & Digestion – 1


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    This 15-20 minute Chi Gong for Weight Loss and Digestion routine is specifically designed to bring your body (and mind) to their healthiest and most energetic states. Advanced as well as new practitioners can do these techniques. This will...

    Chi Gong for Weight Loss & Digestion – 2


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    In this 17 minute video I show 12 techniques for losing weight and digestion as a continuation of the first video. They can be done together or separately. The movements are particularly designed and chosen to lower stress (and...

Frequently asked questions:

Do I need prior experience to do these movements? No, anyone can do them, they are very simple movements.

How will I know if it's working? This is like a meditation. If you are able to relax it is working. You will also feel a tingling in your hands and other parts of your body. This is your Chi moving.

How Soon can I expect to feel the effects? Many feel the effects immediately and notice subtle changes in their body and life, just as meditation begins to bring positive things to your life.

Here are some other ways building your Chi can affect you spiritually and physically:

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Chi Gong (pronounced "Chee Gong") is also spelled QiGong, Qi Gong, and Chi Kung. This practice dates back thousands of years to ancient India and China.