Chi Gong / Tai Chi for Beginners – An Ancient Way to Vibrant Health

Chi-Gong (QiGong) and Tai Chi for beginners are ancient ways of moving your internal energy and many notice a result immediately. It can be done in meditations as well as I show here in my meditations page. This can be done for the purpose of eliminating toxins, gaining health and wellness, helping with any illness […]

How to Decalcify Your Pineal Gland and Why You Should

First lets talk about the benefits of decalcifying your pineal gland, which is essentially the awakening of your third eye. – Awakening/greater awareness – Your souls awareness is awakened causing you to want to be free of ego pleasures and strive to experience only love and compassion. You will experience a greater connection to all […]

Air Fresheners are Toxic & other household items – Indoor Air Pollution – Part 2

Air fresheners are toxic along with other household items that cause indoor air pollution. Things to Avoid Air fresheners, cologne or perfumes, hairsprays, keratin, and hair color, also breathing in lacquer or other chemical furniture paint or polish, typical cleaning products bleach ammonia, nail polish, and nail polish remover, dryer sheets, bug sprays, cooking in […]

Your Candles Are Toxic – Use These Instead – Home Air Pollution Part 1

Your Candles are Made of Toxic Waste – Air pollution Part 1 Candles Are Toxic   (Links below for air purifying beeswax candles) In part 1 Learn how toxic Typical candles are and the solution – In Part 2 Learn the toxic ingredients in air fresheners and other household items – In Part […]

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