The Efficiency 2.0 Seminar

Accomplish Your Goals in Less Time Mediocrity is often the result of years in inherited poor time management because we’ve never been taught how to get what we want done. Stagnation doesn’t exist in certain people’s lives and there are techniques they use that are the opposite of what 99% of people do with their […]

The Family Essentials Kit

Family Essentials Kit:   Congrats on getting started with Essential Oils! DoTerra is my...
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10 Facts About Telepathic Communication

10 Facts About Telepathic Communication The possibility of telepathic communication is still a hotly debated topic within the scientific community. Skeptics claim that the transference of thoughts, or emotions, over lager distances, using nothing but one’s own mind, is impossible. Believers strongly defend the existence of telepathy, and the ability of some people to actively […]

Sadhguru – A Yogi’s Guide to Joy – My Experience with the Guru

My Experience with the Sadhguru Sandhguru – A Yogi’s Guide to Joy Sadhguru’s first book (click photo for link below) for the English market is to show us how to find happiness based on the inside. He talks about how the ancient yogic texts show you how to avoid suffering and find happiness by going […]

Is your body getting sick in order to help you?

Why am I always sick? Have you struggled with a string of mysterious illnesses, or a sickness or injury that just won’t go away no matter how healthy your lifestyle is? I know how confusing, draining and frustrating that can be. Even though I eat healthy, exercise, and take fairly good care of my body, […]

Surrendering to Pleasure and PULSE Orgasmic Energy

Surrendering to Pleasure and PULSE Orgasmic Energy This is the final in a 3-part series on allowing, receiving, and surrendering to pleasure as a way to enhance sex. Part one was about learning to PAUSE and allowing yourself to listen to the wisdom of your body. Part two talked about the meaning of PONDER, and […]