What is Chanting & Mantras & Why should you do them? – Part 2 of Chanting

What is Chanting? What are Mudras? Chanting is an ancient spiritual practice that is simple and can be used with meditation and has many benefits. It’s just the repetition of a word or sound. According to the Indian yoga tradition, sound is a powerful force for healing mind and body. Every mantra has its own […]

What is OM & How to Use it – Part 1 of Chanting

What is OM & How to Use it – Part 1 of Chanting I’ve been getting a lot of questions about the word OM: Patanjali the father of yoga said this: “Chant Om and you will attain your goal. If nothing else works, just chant Om.” AUM and OM In Sanskrit, the sound “O” is […]

Brain “Not Wired” to Meditate? Here is Why and How to Meditate

Can’t Meditate? Here is Why and the Solution on How to Meditate Some people, no matter how hard they try to meditate, can’t escape the thoughts in their head. Sound familiar? This constant babble or noise can be extremely inconvenient when you are trying to find your Zen or peace. Having meditated for over 25 […]

Breathing Techniques – Wim Hof Method vs Shamanic Breathing

Breathing Techniques – Shamanic Breathing vs. Wim Hof Method for Superhuman Powers & Altered States These breathing techniques can allow you to increase your energy, withstand cold, and improve your physical health in many ways. Wim Hof is making this style very popular and he’s proven many ways this can allow you to almost have […]

Are you an Emotional Empath or Sponge? Learn to protect yourself- Part 3/5

Are you an Emotional Empath? Do you absorb other people’s emotions? Understand where your negative emotions originate and how to use your chi and to protect yourself. Your Negative Emotions May Not Be Yours? All things including Emotions such as fear, anger, frustration, and immobility are energies. Unfortunately you can potentially ‘catch’ or absorb these […]

Are There Really Great Benefits of Meditation?

Sign up for an online meditation class here Or download Audio meditations here Who Meditates? While people who do not meditate may imagine those who meditate to be Monks, Hippies, Buddhist, Indians, and Yogis, there is also quite a list of people who credit meditation for changing their lives in a positive way. That includes […]

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