Which Supplements do I take?

Which vitamins should a person take?


Every body is different. Just because clever marketing on TV or a health magazine makes out a particular supplement to be beneficial in a study, does NOT mean that this particular supplement is what YOUR body needs. Examples of supplements I believe most people can benefit from, simply because it’s very difficult to get enough of them from your diet, include high-quality omega-3 and probiotics. If you do not get sufficient amounts of sunshine then an oral vitamin D3 supplement would also be in order. A high percentage of people are also deficient in magnesium, so that is a good start, but I suggest going to a naturopath or someone that does muscle testing to help you figure out what particular nutrients your body may be lacking.

You can see my blogs on muscle testing further explaining
Muscle Testing for Supplements in this video below – Muscle Testing – Part 1 & Part 2

I am not a doctor or licensed to give any type of medical advice. I can only offer what I have leaned through study and experience.

Which supplements do I take?

Below is a list of supplements I take daily and have taken in the past and why. It is important to note that I am not suffering from any deficiencies, ailments, sickness, or disease. I take these to improve my mental, physical, and spiritual well being as well as maintain healthy skin and a youthful appearance and stop pre-mature aging, prevent any sickness or anxiety, and help heart, brain, and organ health, allow for mental clarity and calm and allow my energy levels, Chi, and athletic performance to be at their maximum, which every one of these work on. If you are suffering from something in particular, I suggest you explore natural ways to overcome that and speak to a holistic or naturopathic doctor and consult your doctor before taking anything.

As discussed in my blog on pH, since your body cannot absorb nutrients under acidic conditions, it’s important to take any supplements with an alkaline meal, so that your body will absorb them. That means no, fried foods, sugary or processed foods, no coffee, soda, sparkling water, juices (because they are sugar), only pure water and I prefer to take them with raw vegetables and some fat like the eggs, shown in my breakfast blog here. – – Check my blog here on understanding your body’s pH to learn more.

And always keep in mind a quote from a mentor of mine: “There is no treatment or drug which can overcome or negate the effects of a poor diet, inadequate nutrition, lack of exercise, and an unhealthy lifestyle.” – David Getoff

These are supplements that I take daily (* = my favorites):

 (Click the Picture for a link to the product)


***Zinc (especially in fall until about February)


There is almost no zinc in any of our food any longer and this is super helpful for many things including eliminating viruses and pathogens. I like this one – https://amzn.to/3P6aRq2

Zinc is great to help a strong immunity, helps prevent cancer, maintain mood, mental clarity and sleep and more. I take it specifically for avoiding getting sick and to help increase testosterone. (see my video on how to increase testosterone naturally)  This is also important for pregnant women, elderly, and vegetarians, all of which are often deficient in Zinc.



B-12 – Many are deficient in this important vitamin and it is especially important for Vegans/Vegetarians, as well as heavy drinkers, smokers, antibiotic users, antacid users, heavy coffee drinkers, pregnant and breast-feeding women, and elderly to supplement with, since they are typically deficient in this. B-12 has incredible benefits for those suffering from anxiety, depression and other mental challenges. Also helps with memory problems, mood swings, lack of motivation, mental fog, muscle weakness, fatigue, nausea, vertigo, and poor appetite. It helps increase energy, regulate nervous system, reduce depression, stress and brain shrinkage, maintain healthy digestion, maintain cholesterol and blood pressure levels, and is essential for healthy skin, hair, and nails and helps to protect against cancer. 1 in 4 adults have a deficiency and 1 in 2 have lower than optimal levels. There are many well-documented cases of blindness and brain abnormalities in strict vegetarians, resulting from vitamin B12 deficiency. I personally no longer take this since it is found in grass-fed organic meats, kefir, raw eggs, raw butter, free-range chicken, fish, and nutritional yeast. There are some who say this can be found in Aloe, and although I don’t believe any plant source has B-12 available, I do believe Aloe helps with the absorption of B-12. Any B-12 supplement should be taken under the tongue, as per most B-12 supplements don’t work because they are consumed and B-12 supplements will not absorb through the stomach.


***Lemon Balm – Great for mood, calms nervs and stress, helps digestive issues, reduces inflammation from pathogens, conserves body’s B12, fights cold, flu and other viruses, antibacterial & antiparasitic, detoxifies liver, high in minerals. I like this one – https://amzn.to/3F9EH8t


***Vitamin C“micro c”
Powerful antioxidant fights against cold and flu, also anti-inflammatory, helps increase our blood’s white count by strengthening our neutrophils, eosinophils, basophils, and macrophages; and generally boosts the immune system against viruses, bacteria, yeast, mold, and other unwanted fungus. 

The right kind of vitamin C also helps to cleanse the liver, blood and lymph, strengthen the adrenal glands, repair damaged neurotransmitters, and restore the central nervous system. It also helps the body to detox effectively, which is a challenge many chronically ill people face until they get the right detox-supporting nutrients. 

Vitamin C also strengthens all levels of the liver’s personalized immune system. The liver uses vitamin C in all of its over 2,000 chemical functions. It not only detoxifies and cleanses the liver; it can also stop a sluggish liver, loosen and disperse fat cells stored inside the liver, and help the liver recover after bouts of stress-related adrenaline surges. It can also help with nodules, tumors, and cysts.




These next ones I use based on need 

Digestive Enzymes

All biochemical reactions in the body are dependent on your enzymes (Over 25,000). Our foods are enzymatically deficient foods which lead to not absorbing nutrients we need leading to many problems including general health functioning, all digestion issues, malnutrition, premature aging, sickness, and mental and physical diseases to name a few. A lack of enzymes is one of the most important reasons why people age and have issues they did not from doing the same thing they did when they were younger. Such as allergies, illness, aches, pains, and slow recovery and healing. Most people’s enzyme pathways are depleted by age 32-35. The right Enzymes Supplement can help provide faster recovery, digest better, get more nutrients from food, filters viruses from the blood, Lowers blood pressure, stops premature aging, prevents asthma attacks, Helps lower bad cholesterol, Helps relieve arthritis. The strongest protease enzyme formula on the market is: Masszymes, with various proteases that work at different pH levels, All plant-based, 17 cultured enzymes in them, they do not stop your body from producing enzymes, Don’t have HCL already in them, so they won’t irritate your stomach. Click here for link or photo for masszymes

If you have reflux and need HCL see their info here Or see my full blog on overcoming reflux or heartburn here

*Instead of Probiotics – Restore:

Our gut bacteria is made up of over 30,000  species of probiotics. If you are taking them, you are only getting 5 to 150 species at best. If so you should switch off every month to not over populate just those few. Instead, I make fermented foods and you can search, fermented vegetables (my favorite), kombucha, kefir, pickles, sauerkraut, for those. In addition to that, I take this product called restore because it replaces what the doctor who invented it calls your “wireless network” in order to allow you to rebuild your good bacteria and protect your intestinal wall as a barrier from leaky gut and many other benefits. For full information, I would recommend listening to this full podcast about how it works here, as it got me very excited to use it.


* Astaxanthin – This is my favorite supplement. It is one of the most powerful Antioxidants, great for the eyes, brain health, joint pain and arthritis, and a kind of internal sunscreen protecting you from radiation and powerful sun exposure and so much more. One of the reasons I have not replaced this supplement with food is because it is hard to get high doses in foods since it exists in microalgae, krill, and salmon in small doses. Unlike most other antioxidants it protects the outside as well as the inside of the cell. While other antioxidants handle only 1 free radical at a time, this one can handle up to 19. It is said to be 6,000 times stronger than vitamin C, 500 times stronger than vitamin E, 3,000 times stronger than resveratrol and quercetin. Unlike other antixoidants, Astaxanthin will never become a pro-oxidant, meaning that once depleted and exhausted most antioxidants, “switch teams” so to speak, and become a pro-oxidant free radical. Astaxanthin, on the other hand, never turns into a harmful molecule, no matter how exhausted it gets. I take one a day of the one pictured on the left. (click picture for a link)

Antioxidants are best taken with dinner or later in the day

This Video Explains why it’s best to take antioxidants with dinner or late in the day. (Note – Ubiquinol may interfere with sleep taken late, so if this happens then take those in the afternoon)




* Coenzyme Q10 – (or Ubiquinol if you are over 25) – This is produced naturally in our bodies, however it is produced less after the age of 30 and some reports say the decline becomes apparent as early as your 20’s, therefore we need to supplement, since it is not found in foods. This powerful antioxidant will increase your energy and stamina levels. Support the health of your cardiovascular (heart health) and immune systems. Help you feel younger and reduce the normal signs of aging and stop pre-mature aging as well as help you to feel more alert and responsive. It supports muscle recovery from intensive workouts and promotes normalization of your weight and people with high blood pressure usually find that adequate doses lower it significantly or maintain healthy levels. It enhances the support of your immune and nervous systems. It also helps to recycle exhausted vitamin C and E. This is especially important if you are using a statin drug, (1 out of 4 people in the US are) since they seriously deplete your ubiquinol levels.

Another option on amazon I like:

Vitamin E A primary antioxidant that protects fat-soluble vitamins and essential fatty acids in your cells from oxidative damage. It helps support normal cholesterol levels, protects against free radical damage and normal effects of aging, and promotes brain health. I take this one because it’s only found in low levels in foods. However, foods containing Vitamin E are wheat germ oil, sunflower seeds, almonds, sunflower oil, hazel nuts, avocado, broccoli, mango and spinach.

* Resveratrol – An antioxidant typically found in grapes that some refer to as the fountain of youth. This is one of the ideas behind the French paradox, of why they maintain cardiovascular health despite unhealthy diets. I take this especially since it helps to reduce the anti-aging effect of intense workouts. Resveratrol appears to slow down the effects of aging and may actually increase the lifespan of human cells. It appears to produce many of the same benefits as exercise such as promote normal healthy insulin levels. It’s also a potent antioxidant, protecting your cellular DNA from free radicals, supports healthy blood pressure, heart health and blood vessel elasticity, and circulation, and may help to promote an ideal weight and prevent the spread of abnormal cell activity. It also protects the brain and nervous system.

Alternative Resveratrol on Amazon I like –

EPA & DHA – Omega 3 Oil: 

Fish oil – *Fish oil from fish is unfortunately full of heavy metals, especially mercury. I do not like any fish oil supplements for EPA & DHA but do like a couple of non-fish below. My favorite is this one – https://amzn.to/3LGgtVS

. Amongst the many benefits it helps with arthritis, heart disease, cognitive performance, brain and organ health, helps to remineralize teeth and bones, helps against inflammation, and more. Also, almost everyone is also deficient in vitamin A (which IS NOT beta carotene) due to their not consuming adequate liver from organic animals (poultry or fish) on a weekly basis.



Omega 3’s for Vegans – Algal Oil – 

This is the vegetarian (also suitable for vegans), kosher and organic, organic and Researchers have found that the source of the omega-3 in fish is from the algae that they eat. This oil goes right to the source and gets the omega-3 and DHA from the algae. This is more sustainable than fish oil since it is not killing any of the fish and may not include the contaminants fish might have such as heavy metals like mercury.
The reason why I don’t just recommend this one for everyone is because most research shows that Omega-3 from fish is more bioavailable but vegans/vegetarians need an alternative and they need to be taking omega-3s importantly. To read all about it click here – https://draxe.com/algal-oil/

– I also recommend muscle testing to see which is more important for you than others. (see video above or blog here part 2)

Blue-green algae

Taking Blue-green algae I notice better focus, mental concentration, and energy.
These are the two options I like. They recommend taking both, I just take the “Brain-On”. You can also get a fresh frozen liquid version that is more bioavailable but it takes more time to prepare, so I take the powder.

(Click banner for link – “BrainON” is 4th row down on left and “E3AFA” is third row down on right)

Brain On – (click here for link) This is an organic naturally occurring product that they say to be 97% absorbable and may promote Increased focus and clarity, Lifted and brightened mood, Lower stress levels and enhanced well-being, Ability to function at a higher level, Increased concentration
Description – BrainON is a super concentrated organic E3AFA (Aphanizomenon flos-aquae) extract of Phycocyanin and Phenylethylamine (PEA). BrainON contains the active ingredient in wild-harvested AFA that may help promote mood balance and enhanced focus*. PEA (also found in chocolate) is a naturally occurring extract that may promote clear thinking and focus to give you optimal cognitive function. Phycocyanin is a powerful antioxidant and natural anti-inflammatory. Powder and vegetarian (no gelatin) capsule forms of BrainON – easy to use and travel with.

E3AFA (click here for link) Powder, naturally occurring and organic, may promote Increased energy, vitality and endurance, Improved brain function and ability to manage stress, Increased mental focus and concentration, Improved intestinal health and digestion, Faster recovery time, Normal blood sugar levels, Restored overall biochemical balance ✝, Long-lasting energy boost ✝✝ Strengthened immune system – Healthier skin, nails and hair – ✝ Dr. Gabriel Cousens, Tree of Life Rejuvenation Center – ✝✝ Dr. Fred Bisci, nationally renowned health lecturer
Description – E3AFA is the world’s most nutritional, highest quality powder form of AFA (100% Aphanizomenon flos-aquae, Latin for “invisible flower of the water”) — a certified organic wild harvested Nutrient Dense AquaBotanical™ considered by world renowned health authorities to be nature’s most beneficial superfood. Powder and vegetarian (no gelatin) capsule forms of AFA are easy to use and travel with.


I take 25-50mg a day of this, but understand there will be a healing crisis (headaches, diarrhea possible rash). I started out with the 12.5mg tablets, cut in half for a couple weeks working my way up to a full 12.5. Now I use the 5% lugols (8 drops is the 50ml Dr Brownstein recommends)
I have learned from Dr. Brownstein’s book, “Iodine, why you can’t live without it” (click photo on left) how important iodine is for every aspect of your health. Video below, supplement right. for more info on iodine go to – www.iodine-resource.com

To find more videos just youtube search Dr. Brownstein, Iodine into youtube.


* Fiber – Normally supplied in the diet by a variety of raw and fermented plant foods, fewer than 10 percent in the US are consuming optimal recommended daily fiber. Most people do not obtain nearly enough of either. Fiber is not usually thought of as a nutrient, since it provides no calories, but it is of tremendous importance. If not eating raw and fermented foods I suggest people take 1-2 teaspoonfuls of pure organic Psyllium Husk fiber every morning, taken with two or three glasses of pure water and more for those with gastrointestinal problems. Since I have a lot of raw and fermented vegetables, I don’t require a lot of this but the Psyllium Husk from Organic India is an actual food, and I take a tablespoon about every other day. It is the simplest and most effective herb for weight control and intestinal health, improves digestion and cleanses the system and helps with both diarrhea and constipation. It provides a feeling a fullness, can help lower cholesterol, and provided the ideal food for your beneficial bacteria and heart health. It is considered a soluble fiber but also contains some insoluble fiber. If you are taking a probiotic supplement, this is an important additive to that to allow the bacteria to thrive.

Acacia Fiber (click photo for link) – For some with sensitive digestive tracts, Psyllium can be harsh on their intestines
causing minor irritation. Another Fiber I switch off with about every other month, that is not a psyllium product, is Acacia Fiber. I contains a high level of fiber per dose (4.5 grams), and is also designed to have prebiotic properties, helping to nourish the friendly bacteria in the gut. It may be the answer for many who can’t seem to find something effective. If you’ve never taken fiber start with ½ teaspoon in the morning, working your way up to 1 tablespoon.
Acacia Fiber

* Magnesium bath flakes – Mg is important for so many things in your body. In a nut shell, Mg is vital for many severe illnesses including heart attacks/heart disease, asthma, anxiety and panic attacks, depression, fatigue, diabetes, headaches, osteoporosis, insomnia, and most cases of muscular problems and more. There are also many things that lower your magnesium levels such as stress, drinking alcohol, consuming sugar, caffeine, antibiotics, birth control pills, fluoride from water and toothpaste, sweating excessively, and many medications, and the standard American diet is almost devoid of magnesium. This is an important mineral to be sure to replace especially in our fast paced stressful environment. See my full blog here on how to make a Magnesium oil and why you should.

These I don’t take daily, but do at some point in the year:


Colloidal Silver (Click photo for link)

I take this when other people are getting sick in seasons typical of that. I use it as someone would an antibiotic as it does a similar job naturally.

This is a TRUE colloidal silver, which means predominantly silver particles NOT silver ions. The world’s highest particle surface area. Up to 600 times greater than other products. Highest bioavailability of any colloidal silver product, due to sub nanometer sized particles. It is an all natural mineral supplement. For more info on this go to –  https://www.purestcolloids.com/mesosilver.php


Parasite & bacterial cleanse

This is something I think people should do at least once a year if not twice especially if you have any pets. I do it once a year and have great results and so I have seen for people especially if they can’t lose weight. http://shrsl.com/22eri


 Colon and liver cleanse:

Liver and Gallbladder Cleaner - Livatrex

Liver Cleanse: Livatrex is a 100% natural blend of organic herbs designed to support  function and detoxification of the liver and gallbladder. It will help the natural process to detoxify, flush and purge the liver of fatty deposits, built up toxins, and accumulated stones. Cleansing the liver helps digestion and supports proper body weight, rejuvenates energy levels, revitalizes memory and clarity, helps control cravings, and helps overall body detox. In addition to alcohol, prescription drugs, and drinking tap water, a poor diet is a major contributor to most liver problems and toxic buildup.

Colon Cleanse

health products

– Oxy-Powder is the best rated, all natural oxygen colon cleanser that safely relieves bloating, irritation, and constipation associated with a toxic colon. It is designed to clean the entire 25 to 30 feet of the entire digestive tract and oxidize and reduce the amount of hard impacted fecal matter unlike most colon cleansers which just stimulate mucous production in the colon rather than breaking down hard fecal matter. This works while you sleep and won’t ruin your day during the cleanse.
– With my diet and exercise and supplement program I don’t need this too often, but I will do both of these together about once every 2 years but recommend more for those with a less than healthy diet or drink alcohol often. If you are going to do this, I would highly recommend when taking this also eating probiotic foods, or at least taking a probiotic supplement.


*Liposomal Vitamin C (secondary to “micro c” above) 
There’s one nutrient that’s clearly the “grandfather” of the traditional antioxidants we know of. And its potential health benefits are really quite astonishing. As a formidable antioxidant, this nutrient…

• Is a major “electron donor” in your body’s battle against oxidation*
• Helps maintain optimal electron flow in your cells*
• Can help protect vital molecular elements in your body such as proteins and lipids*
This nutrient is also required for the synthesis of something called collagen… an important structural component of blood vessels, tendons, ligaments, and bone.*

Helps to maintain cholesterol levels that are already within the normal range
Supports heart health.
Helps promote blood pressure levels that are already within the normal range
Helps promote blood vessel and arterial vitality
Helps promote healthy uric acid metabolism
Boosts other antioxidants (in this case, vitamin E)


Liposomal Vitamin D

* Vitamin D3 This might be the simplest solution to most health problems and almost all people are deficient in this Vitamin. See the importance and benefits of Vitamin D3 in my blog here. I supplement this with a fish oil all year and with a Vitamin D3 spray about 6 months out of the year additionally. Almost everyone needs supplemental vitamin D3 due to insufficient direct exposure to sunlight at the proper times on at least 40% of their skin as well as other variables, such as skin color, poor absorption, where you live, greater need due to health conditions which use up a lot of vitamin D, the use of ANY sun screens, as these completely stop the body’s D production, and more. It is not possible to estimate how much D3 a person’s body uses or needs each day in the form of supplementation therefor this must be tested and retested a few times while D3 supplements are being adjusted to determine daily requirements. Many experts agree about 35 IU’s of vitamin D per pound of body weight could be used as a general estimate. I suggest getting tested with the D-action project, since it is the least expensive way, click here to join – articles.mercola.com/sites/articles/archive/2013/02/07/vitamin-d-testing.aspx

Vitamin K-2 – It’s important to remember that if you are taking vitamin D supplements at the suggested high doses (or Calcium), you ALSO need to take vitamin K-2. The biological role of vitamin K2 is to help move calcium into the proper areas in your body, such as your bones and teeth. It also helps remove calcium from areas where it shouldn’t be, such as in your arteries and soft tissues. Vitamin K2 deficiency is actually what produces the symptoms of vitamin D toxicity, which includes inappropriate calcification that can lead to hardening of your arteries. The reason for this is because when you take vitamin D, your body uses more vitamin K2, creating a deficiency, and lack of absorption. While the ideal or optimal ratios between vitamin D and vitamin K2 have yet to be elucidated, Dr. Kate Rheaume-Bleue, author of Vitamin K2 and the Calcium Paradox: How a Little Known Vitamin Could Save Your Life, suggests that for every 1,000 IU’s of vitamin D you take, you may benefit from about 100 micrograms of K2, and perhaps as much as 150-200 micrograms (mcg). I get this from the fermented foods, such as fermented vegetables and kefir (and some in grass fed beef), but I take K2 about 4 months of the year when I am additionally supplementing with Vitamin D3 spray, usually November through February, when not in the sun.

To skip a stop and take both at once, I now use this one: https://amzn.to/30QBR2f (photo below)


Hemp Protein Powder – I take this about 4 days a week, about every other month. Whole hemp seed is high in fiber, and it also contains B vitamins, vitamin E, trace minerals, and phytosterols, which are compounds that work in the intestine to lower cholesterol absorption. But the protein/essential fats profile is why I use it. Unusual for a plant, Hemp is a complete protein, containing all 20 known amino acids including the 10 essential amino acids our bodies cannot produce. Hemp also has Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids (EFAs) in good ratio. It is bioavailable and easy to digest with no bloating, and this brand is also organic and has no artificial sweeteners, fillers or any other strange unnecessary ingredients. Hemp also contain high amounts of insoluble fiber, that I feel matches well with psyllium husk that is higher in soluble fiber. It is also allergen free, unrefined, contains chlorophyll and alkalizes your PH level to avoid sickness. It is also low cost and you don’t need to take as much (about 1/3 the serving size of whey). Many say hemp protein is the best protein for building muscle and promoting overall health because its nutrient density is greater than other protein powders. Plus, it’s filled with bioavailable enzymes and good bacteria to facilitate the conversion of amino acids to muscle. There is an ongoing debate on if hemp protein is better than Whey. My take on it is to use both. I say so because an important difference between the two is that whey protein is rapidly digested and quickly utilized by the body, making it perfect for an after workout drink. Help is slow digesting making it ideal between meals and before bedtime.

 Bee Products (2):

Bee Pollen – Considered one of natures most completely nourishing foods, it’s many nutrients make this a great energy enhancer and antioxidant, great for skin irritations and inflammatory conditions, helps treat allergies, asthma, inhibits development of harmful bacteria, and benefits respiratory system, contains enzymes that can help digestion, boost immune system, treats cravings and supports the cardiovascular system and is anti-aging. (avoid if pregnant or breast feeding) I take Bee Pollen about twice a year for a month. These are graduals and can be eaten raw in salads or yogurt, in smoothies or drinks, but not in teas, since the heat will destroy its enzymatic properties.
Royal Jelly – (Also produced from bee’s) More researched than bee pollen, and similar but more anti-inflammatory and antibiotic and has added brain function enhancement with protection of brain cells and repair of damage, is great for seasonal allergies, reducing symptoms of PMS, protects the liver, lowers inflammation, helps with blood sugar control, diabetes and cholesterol. I take this about twice a year for about a month at different times then I take the bee pollen. A basic difference in the two bee products, Bee Pollen is more to make up for nutrient deficiencies and antioxidant value, where as royal jelly could work with specific conditions right away.

The Next Three products I usually do a rotation with but not all together:

Superfood Formula by Pure Synergy
This is a mixture of superfoods including the best quality organic forms of blue-green algae, seaweeds, mushrooms, herbs, sprouts and green juices, all dried at low temperature so as to preserve the enzymes and nutrients. A teaspoon or two added to water makes a great morning shake. It can also be combined with the above blue-green algae, both mentioned above.

Power Adapt – This is an herbal supplement that I use due to a suggestion of a mentor of mine named David Getoff. You can hear an interview about the product here. www.naturopath4you.com/mp3s/Adaptogens.mp3
Company Description: Power Adapt is a potent energy tonic designed to build strength and stamina while promoting a healthy stress response, particularly when the body is under physical stress. An extra-strength adaptogenic blend of herbal extracts that work to maximize the benefits of physical exercise. Encourages healthy endocrine function by providing nourishment to the spleen, kidneys and adrenal glands, which results in the energy boost necessary to support a healthy anabolic state.


There are two different Multivitamins I use or suggest to others. The first is all natural, organic, nonGMO, and whole food, and meet all my criteria. With my diet including kefir and fermented foods, as well as multi-minerals and the other supplements, I only take a multivitamin about 2 months (non-consecutive) out of the year and usually stop the minerals (sole) during that time. (click photos for links)

Multivitamin 1 –

Multivitamin 2 – Super nutrition – perfect family (recommended by David Getoff) (for most people) After many years naturopath David Getoff still recommends the Perfect Family multivitamin for most men and women, generally the iron-free version. For Some women he says he uses the Women’s Blend. He does not use the Men’s blend and never the 1 a day version. He finds with his patients that if they are not in perfect health, as they are not that all natural blends are too weak to get the results he requires. He finds this to be the most effective for his patients in the shortest period of time.

These Supplements I used to take and have replaced them with food sources mentioned in each:


Starting with a soil or spore based probiotic above is just thrive. It’s important to switch off with another one that has different strains of bacteria such as Mercola’s complete probitotics below.

Another spore or soil base probiotic is from Klaire’s. It is half the price by volume but has half the strains of probiotics

* Probiotics – I have done many videos on the benefits of probiotics for your physical, mental, and spiritual health, and the benefits list is almost endless. These create a good supply of healthy gut bacteria (aka flora) that can improve all aspects of your digestion, help to improve your absorption of nutrients, urinary and vaginal health, help soothe allergies, boost immunity, maintain weight control, help to detox, lower stress, and more. Unless I am traveling, I no longer take these because I have replaced them by eating Fermented

Vegetables, Kefir, sauerkraut, or Kombucha tea. Other food replacements for these are Miso, Pickles, Tempeh (the only type of soy I would consider eating), and Kimchi. Click to see my videos on how to make Kefir here and Fermented Vegetables here. I like these two brands very much and switch off between the two when I am traveling or not able to bring fermented foods with me. Mercola’s has a lot of quantity and the other two mentioned have good soil base strands of good bacteria. When taking this supplement you should also take with Psyllium husk fiber so the bacteria can thrive before just going through your system.

Whey Proteins


* Whey Protein – I used to take whey protein (from grass-fed cows) and have stopped it a few years ago after I started making milk kefir. Whey is a kind of super food and can be traced back to as early as 420 BC when Hippocrates recommended it to his patients. It is the most bio available protein we can take. It helps the insulin work more effectively, supports immunity, preserved lean body tissue, maintains blood pressure, increase muscle mass and tone while helping to burn fat and reducing hunger, great for brain health and reducing stress, heart health, may inhibit cancer cells, great pre-biotic, has increased the medium life span in mice the equivalent of 10+ years for humans in studies, which almost matches the an old Dutch tale saying that if you drink whey, you will live to 150 years old (although still unproven), and more. I like any of the above grass-fed organic brands. I like Mercola’s the best – Pure power is if you are working out and miracle whey is if you are not.


MSM – A supplement high in sulfur, great for joins, skin, hair, nails and preventing inflammation. I haven’t taken this in a long time since I realized the food I eat replaces it. That includes leafy green vegetables, raw milk, kefir, bone broth soup, grass fed beef, and eating Aloe Vera leaves. This can help people with chronic inflammatory conditions, aches and pains, sore muscles and achy joints, premature aging symptoms and toxicity.

Alpha Lipoic Acid (ALA) – a powerful antioxidant, a great modifier of gene expression to reduce inflammation, blood sugar regulator, a potent heavy metal chelator, an enhancer of insulin sensitivity – found in grass-fed red meat and organ meats. (works well with Coenzyme Q10). I don’t take it since I feel that I get enough from the other antioxidants and even thought the absorption is low in foods, I get some from organ meats, spinach, nutritional yeast, and tomatoes.

Beta Sitosterol for Prostate – A supplement to support prostate health is important for men who are not living a healthy lifestyle with regard to their diet, exercise, stress level, and optimized vitamin D levels, as they get older. I don’t include this a regular part of my supplement regime since I follow a lifestyle of reduced stress, healthy food, optimized vitamin D levels, support my lymphatic system with certain exercise, dry brushing and a lot of water, and exercise. If you are going to supplement for prostate health, instead of saw palmetto I’ve learned that Beta Sitosterol is 3,000 times stronger. I have not taken this product but it is the purest one I could find. This article sums up Beta Sitosterol – www.youngagain.org/s3.html

Glutathione Supplements – Although a powerful antioxidant, I don’t suggest taking these supplements since our body is quite poor at getting glutathione from your digestive system into your blood and most oral glutathione supplements have been shown to be poorly absorbed and a waste of money. This antioxidant can be obtained in whey protein (therefore making kefir), raw milk, raw eggs, and grass fed meat, milk thistle, curcumin (found in turmeric) and can be found in supplements such as alpha lipoic acid which is known to regenerate glutathione.

Other supplements people have asked me about:


– I don’t take any type of testosterone or testosterone enhancer. I get an increase in this by doing high intensity workouts, such as the peak 8 workout where you sprint for 30 seconds 8 times in a row with a couple minutes in between each sprint to bring down your heart rate before you bring it all the way back up.

Iron – I don’t take or recommend Iron supplements because Iron is very specific to each person. You may have low or high Iron levels and either are toxic and dangerous so you have to get checked before taking any iron supplements to know exactly where you are and how much to take.

Calcium – I believe most people get enough calcium from their food supplementing with Calcium can be dangerous without supplementing a higher amount of Magnesium and also Vitamin K-2 since those take the calcium out of your veins and arteries and puts in in your bones where you need it.

As mentioned in part 1 – the vitamin toxins blog as far as finding a high-quality supplement, my opinion is to always look for all-natural, non-synthetic (part 2), whole food ingredients, such as in the photos above, which are links to each of the products.

I also suggest to run your supplements through these two sites that check for toxic ingredients:

– www.Toxinless.com – This is an excellent resource for when you want to buy a new product to find out what toxins, fillers or anything else unnatural is in it or not. It can tell you if your products are pure or not.

– http://www.consumerlab.com/ – this site also reviews vitamins and mineral supplements


There are very few dangerous drug-nutrient interactions, however there are many drugs which interfere with the action of nutrients, increasing your need.

  • Aspirin increases the need for vitamin C
  • The birth control pill and HRT increase the need for B6, B12, folic acid and zinc
  • Antibiotics increase the need for B vitamins and beneficial bacteria
  • Paracetamol/Ibuprofen increases the need for antioxidants
  • Potentially dangerous combinations are:
    – Warfarin (a blood thinning drug), aspirin, vitamin E and high EPA/DHA fish oils. These all thin the blood and the combined effect is too much. It is better to reduce the drugs and increase the nutrients, but first check with your doctor.
    – MAOI anti-depressants (such as Nardil or Parstelin) and yeast containing supplements. Yeast and alcohol and specific foods must be avoided while on these drugs.
    – Anti-convulsants and folic acid. Some of these drugs are anti-folate, creating an increased need, yet supplementation can impair the action of the drug. Specialist advice from your doctor and nutrition consultant is recommended. For epileptics be careful of supplementing the brain nutrient DMAE or high dose essential fatty acids such as evening primrose oil.
    – Folic acid without B12. In cases of B12 deficiency supplementing folic acid can reduce symptoms while the underlying deficiency gets worse. Therefore, it is best to supplement both nutrients, preferably as part of a B complex.
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    As with most supplements, you should always use caution and read up on potential side effects before self-medicating. Just because it’s natural doesn’t mean it can’t cause potential problems.



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