10 Ways to Protect Yourself From Laptop and Tablet Radiation

Ways to Protect yourself from Laptop and Tablet Radiation and EMFs from your Tablet and Computers

What can EMF (electromagnetic fields) and Radiation from these devices do?
The video at the bottom has Dr. Blank explaining the science of EMFs and how they affect your cells and DNA amongst other things. He explains there is evidence of significant harm caused by EMF from computers and cell phones. Some of the damage has proven to be:

  • Harm to blood cells
  • Damage to DNA
  • Cause Nerve-Cell Damage
  • Possibly accelerate and contribute to onset of autism, and trigger Alzheimer’s disease
  • Damage your eyes
  • Cause sleep disruptions, fatigue, and headaches
  • Contribute to salivary gland tumors
  • Cause decreased bone density in the pelvic region
  • Lead to electromagnetic hypersensitivity
  • Affect your heart rate and blood pressure
  • Further there is danger of decreased sperm count, irritability, fatigue, depression, cancer, tumors and other issues.

(source – see 1 & 2)

Click the link to see the videos I have created videos on how to protect yourself from:
Cell phones
Household Appliances (such as microwaves)

How to Protect yourself from Radiation from your Tablet:

1. Don’t put them on your lap.
2. Try to use with battery, not when plugged in.
3. Use a Pong Research Case

ways to protect yourself from laptop and tablet radiation

Pong for Ipad - Pong cases can make your tablet better by reducing exposure to cellular and Wi-Fi radiation and improving performance over any other case.

Radiation Reducing Cell Phone Cases
- The Pong case Deflects radiation away from your face and body – You still should not put this on your lap but use the case as a stand to put it on a table or desk.
- This enhances the signal strength giving you a signal where you otherwise wouldn’t have one and this helps conserve battery. (See their third party radiation testing in the video below.)

Solutions to avoid EMF’s from Computers:

1. - Don’t put your laptop or any computer or tablet on your lap.
2. - Use a desktop or battery powered laptop, instead of plugging in to the electric. (same with tablets, and cell phones)
3. - Hardwire all your connections to the internet via cable modem, not wireless WIFI connection.
4. - Attach a keyboard and a mouse to your laptop if possible.

Mouse and keyboard Combo

5. - Use a Heat shield (2 types below)  - Tested by an FCC certified 3rd party with 99.975 to 100% effectiveness for laptop radiation against: 1. Electromagnetic Low Frequency (ELF) Radiation, 2. Radio Frequency (RF) Radiation, and 3. Heat Radiation.

ways to protect yourself from laptop and tablet radiation


DefenderPad Laptop radiation and heat shield.  - DefenderPad™ EMF protection shield


Or For pro shield (To put under the laptop) - http://bit.ly/2lxQrHK

Aires Shield

I love the aires shield as well. I use it myself and recommend for all types of EMF’s - https://tinyurl.com/y9ly3h5j
The coupon code to save 10% is "unity10",
Explanation of the technology here -(https://www.airestech.com/technology/)


For headsets to avoid EMF’s on the Phone - http://bit.ly/2kBpQMf



6. - Use a Grounding device, especially when using a laptop. See my blog on “earthing” - Get the Earthing Mat and starter kit here:

Earthing Universal Mat with Cover Kit

7. - Supplement with Vitamin A&C or eat carrots, apples, fruits and vegetables and my favorite - Astaxanthin – See links in source below as to why this helps – can purchase here:

Mercola, Astaxanthin Antioxidant with ALA - 90 Capsules

8. - I also like this Home EMF protection system from Earthcalm:
Click here for EMF protection from EarthCalm, Inc.


9. - Get a Laptop cover

16/17IN Anti-Static Anti-Radiation Glare Filter

10. - Ways to protect your environment are with a Cactus or a salt lamp:

Natural Air Purifying Himalayan Salt Lamp with Neem Wood Base, Bulb and Dimmer switch

- Also avoid cordless phones, digital clocks, light dimmers, electric blankets and heating pads, cordless baby monitors, microwaves.

Other options to absorb EMF’s are shieldite – see the video here

Other ways to cut down on EMF’s:

This is the EMF detector I use in the video. It measures Magnetic, Electric, and Radio/microwave Detection all in one.

Trifield 100XE EMF Meter

Resonance: Beings of Frequency – This documentary shows the effects of magnetic fields from cell phones on people, especially children, and how it ruins your melatonin production leaving us defenseless against cancer, and what do to about it.

Here is the trailer for the Documentary: (See the full movie on youtube.)

This video has a talk from Dr. Martin Blank about EMFs

Commonwealth Club 11-18-10. Panel II – Martin Blank, PhD from ElectromagneticHealth.Org on Vimeo.

This is the third party testing for the Pong research ipad case:

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