Alternative Ways to lose Weight fast – Naturally

Ways to Lose Weight Fast

There are many people that no matter what they do, they just can’t lose the weight they want, leading them to the mistaken impression that it is a due to their genetics. When people can’t lose weight despite following the typical healthy criteria, I find their issue is related to stress and poor gut flora. These are important factors in a person’s fat accumulation that most people are unaware of. I combat these using techniques in meditation and Chi Gong to improve your inner energy and the balance of hormones.

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Under stress your body releases the hormone cortisol, which in studies has been shown to store fat and burn muscle. The reason it does this is because our body interprets stress as a possible famine and begins to prepare for it by creating visceral fat. This is fat around the organs, occurring in the mid-section. Cortisol is a true yin/yang or opposite to testosterone because testosterone burns fat and builds muscle. So in order to lose weight we want more testosterone and less cortisol.

Environmental Stress can Affect Weightways to lose weight fast

There are many environmental factors today that cause stress such as smog, chemicals in food, radiation from computers and cell phones, as well as our jobs, relationships, etc. The solution to this is finding relaxation with specific techniques to fight stress. Many people who start meditation or chi-gong often unexpectedly lose weight without understanding why, and the reason is that it lowers cortisol and raises testosterone, as well as raises your inner energy levels, immunity, and what the Chinese call your “Chi”. Simple techniques for this can be found at the Chi Gong tab of this site or by clicking here.

Here you will find short Chi Gong videos for Weight Loss and Digestion designed to bring your body (and mind) to their healthiest and most energetic states. This is perfect for new practitioners to help combat environmental stress, and transform internal stress into a source of energy and relaxation. On a more complex level it clears toxins, improves circulation to the organs and intestines, boosts metabolism, releases emotional attachments, and energizes your chakras.

Gut Flora

ways to lose weight fast

I also advise my clients to be aware of the health of their gut bacteria, since it is an important factor in eliminating excess weight. This determines many factors in the health of your digestion. If you have poor gut bacteria (as most people do) this can lead to “leaky gut syndrome.” Studies have found that leaky gut syndrome, often caused from a lack of good bacteria in your gut (aka gut flora) also causes visceral fat. Along with a healthy diet, taking probiotics, or better yet, eating fermented foods can help seal and protect your gut from leaky gut.

Fermented foods include Fermented Vegetables, Kefir, Natto, or Kombucha. I would always avoid commercial brands and make these yourself. Simple ways to make Kefir and Fermented Vegetables are available on this site. If you are going to take a probiotic I would recommend one with at least 20 billion CFU such as this one:

All probiotics should be taken with an organic Psyllium Husk Fiber such as this:

Studies have also found that your gut bacteria most probably influences food cravings and thereby play a part in determining dietary choices. Meaning if you have mostly bad bacteria you will crave sugar and other unhealthy foods. Further, multiple studies have shown that obese people have different gut bacteria than slim people.

The good news is this can be controlled with awareness, as explained in my blogs on the importance of gut bacteria. In one recent study, obese people were able to reduce their abdominal fat by nearly 5 percent, just be drinking Kefir for 12 weeks.

The living bacteria in your digestive tract form an important “inner ecosystem” that influences countless aspects of physical and mental health, including your weight and ease with which you are able to lose weight.

These two important aspects of losing weight work hand and hand with typical health practices that most people are aware of, such as:

  • – Eat only organic fruits and vegetables, if you eat meat choose organic free-range chicken and grass-fed beef.
  • – Eat healthy fats, such as those from olive oil, avocados, raw butter, and free-range organic animals if you choose to eat meat.
  • – Avoid sugar, empty carbs, processed foods, sodas, and fruit juice.
  • – Drink a lot of purified water.
  • – Exercise (preferably high intensity) at least 4 days a week.
  • – Get 8 hours of sleep per night.

Parasite or Thyroid Issues

If you are following all of these protocols mentioned in the video but are still having difficulty losing weight, typically you can have one of two solvable issues. This is often either a bacteria or parasite (such as any worm or H Pylori) or a thyroid issue.

It’s estimated that 95% of people have issues with an overgrowth of bacteria or parasite. Testing for Parasites/Bacteria – The easiest way to test for a bacteria or parasite you can get a blood antibody test, or stool test from your doctor sent to a lab. If you do have a bacteria or parasite, a cleanse with herbs, diet, and essential oils is recommended but check with your doctor.

Thyroid Issue – To test for a thyroid issue, you can do the “neck check” (google that), or symptom check and best is a blood test. A number of herbs including iodine is recommended but check with your doctor for more. I especially like Dr. Brownstein’s work in this area (google him).

Also learn about obesogens in my blog here – These are toxins that cause us to gain weight independent of what we eat.

Regarding Food Addictions:

If you are having trouble with cravings and stopping yourself from eating certain foods such as wheat, sugar, or foods with MSG, then you are most probably dealing with a food addiction. This book below will show you where you have an addiction, to which particular food and how to detox yourself out of that.

The Blood Sugar Solution 10-Day Detox Diet: Activate Your Body’s Natural Ability to Burn Fat and Lose Weight Fast

In this video he describes food addictions and his book:



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