The Upper Chakras – Third Eye & Crown Chakra – 4/5

Understanding the Third Eye and Crown Chakra – Part 4/6

Third Eye & Crown Chakra

Living in this space of the highest vibration happens from the next section of the chakras where we have the third eye and crown chakra having great insight as well as universal consciousness as your constant companion.


The Third Eye Chakra is located in the behind center of the forehead, right above our eyes and linked with the pineal gland. It’s related to our perception beyond the physical realm including intuition, insight, imagination, visualization, and clairvoyance.

Indications of problems here may be frequent headaches or hormonal imbalance or depression. Also Poor intuition such as picking poor partners, abusive friends, or bad investments. Eating foods like eggplant, purple kale, purple grapes, or figs can help your third eye chakra.

The Crown Chakra is located at the very top of the head and is associated directly with dealings of the higher mind, spirit, and universe. The exploration of one’s consciousness and place in space and time is associated here. Oneness with the universe, inspiration, divine wisdom, and all the things that deal with your Higher Self are rooted in this chakra.

Indications of issues here might be trouble with sleep or wake cycle, difficulty meditating, a feeling of disconnection from your own body. People who feel disconnected from spirituality have imbalances here. To balance this go out and spend time in nature and of course meditation.

When operating from your reptilian brain, with anger or hatred, fear or survival all of your chakras are thrown out of alignment and are either closed off or too wide open. This leads to a lack of flow in your body and Qi, which can lead to chaos in your life as well as sickness and disease.

Any of the ball of light meditations will help to balance your chakras as they incorporate sound, mudras, and chants, specific for your chakras and These will help to open your mind, heart, and spirit to aligning with your path and getting the results you want in your life as well as operating from your infinite mind.


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