Understanding the Chakra Energy System in Your Body Part 1 of 5

Understanding the Chakra Energy System in Your Body

Within our body, there are many energy centers known as chakras.
– 114 are the main ones, of those 108 can be manipulated with 7 main ones.

7 Main Chakras

Of these 108, the largest 7 begin at the groin area, move up through the vertical center of the body, and end at the top of the head.

Each one of the seven chakras affects different aspects of our reality and like receptors they allow us to fully experience them.

The chakras are energy vortexes that spin, open wide and small, and unfortunately can even close. The health of their individual states, are vital to our overall well-being, as they can stop spinning and close when you have a lack of health in any of the areas they represent. The ideal condition of these energy centers is to be neither underactive (closed) nor overactive (too wide) but right in between.

Meditations for Chakras

If your chakras are closed, you can perform meditations to open them again. And I have meditations to heal and open these and when people do them they notice their relationships open up, their emotional suffering can subside, and more.

Each chakra contains a spiritual life lesson for us to master in our evolution toward higher consciousness. In brief, to better understand their meaning and significance, starting from the bottom up (see below) 

Basic Chakra Functions

– The first chakra (known as the root chakra) – relates to safety or groundedness in life.

– The second (known as the sacral chakra) functions based on sexuality and creativity.

– The third (known as the solar plexus chakra) functions based on personal power or lack of, assertiveness, and self-esteem.

– The fourth (known as the heart chakra) functions with love, compassion, and forgiveness as well as grief.

– The fifth (or throat chakra) functions based on creative expression or lack of, also communication and will.

– The sixth or third eye chakra is with intuition or insight, wisdom, and beliefs.

– And the seventh (or crown chakra) is responsible for transcendence or connection to the universe or energy as well as spirituality, and presence.

These are affected by your mood, the food you eat, the people you are around, even colors, and in the next videos in this series, we will go over all aspects of each more specifically and how to bring health to them.


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