The Efficiency 2.0 Seminar

Accomplish Your Goals in Less Time

Mediocrity is often the result of years in inherited poor time management because we’ve never been taught how to get what we want done. Stagnation doesn’t exist in certain people’s lives and there are techniques they use that are the opposite of what 99% of people do with their time. This is the first step to increase your capacity to have success and why people who use these principles get what they could not achieve in other seminars.

Identify Your Stagnation

There is time management but this efficiency seminar is about overcoming stagnation in areas that have held you back. We all want something more from our life and often time is an obstacle but less obvious are the subconscious blocks self-sabotaging our progress, set in place at a young age. This seminar helps you overcome both of those.

Taking Action Vs Reacting to Your Day

There is a three-step plan to increase productivity that helps you to take on projects like a CEO rather than someone who just reacts to what is thrown at them all day, frustrated because they’re unable to grow or complete on their projects. I have always been the most resistant to making a schedule but I’ve discovered a way to do it everyone can easily do and when I did, I completed three books along with writing and shooting videos, running a business, traveling, being in a great relationship and still seeing clients.

You’ll learn how to set a schedule that works for even the most spontaneous of people who hate making schedules and set goals you’ll actually execute on.

Stop Procrastination

Most people using these techniques triple their productivity, even those that are busy all day as I show you efficiency in your work and how to rate the importance of the actions you’re taking. This is key in eliminating procrastination and having follow through and completing multiple projects, even while juggling a family and relationship, as that is the goal here to show busy people how they can get everything done and still have time for a hobby or passion project.

You’ll also discover specifically where you have stagnation in your life, and what is causing that, so it no longer brings down the other things you’re doing. This is a CEO’s guide to work–and life management, working smarter from what to do when you wake up, how to find purpose, what foods take your energy and which ones give you energy, how to find joy in your work and relationships and break subconscious barriers that have gotten in the way of your success in the past

It shows an understanding of relaxation versus your escapes, which add more stress and how to make decisions in a powerful way and how to avoid what’s called decision fatigue.

Less than 30 Minutes a Day Commitment

This is a three-week online seminar, where you get audio files and do the work in about 30 minutes a day, with real-life examples of what to do in your work, finances as well as your relationship and family time to get to the point of the issues you’re having.

People who think they were busy before this seminar suddenly find focus in what they’re doing and more time on their hands to do the things they actually want to accomplish and begin creating and having growth.

Nutrition, Energy, & Focus

Have you ever heard someone say a person is afraid of success? You’ll learn to evaluate if you have this issue and whether or not your health and nutrition are sabotaging your chances of success and ability to think at a higher level. You’ll learn to evaluate imbalances in your body, mind, and spirit, and understand why you’ve been held back in the past and how to make changes to bring you success, including becoming balanced in health no matter how busy you are. This is a full breakdown of your nutrition based on energy level and ability to focus. The biggest thing people say gets in the way of them eating well is not enough time. I show you how to overcome that and once you do, you can set the foundation for getting everything else done in your life more efficiently.

Mind Body & Spirit Approach

Like my other seminars Efficiency training 2.0 is based on a mind, body, and spirit approach to wellness and success, meaning it includes meditations, aspects of psychology especially regarding subconscious blocks, self-sabotage, and how to find joy in your relationship and work life and easy ways to become balanced in your health despite a busy schedule.

Bill Farr

Bill has taught in more than 20 countries, has consulted for large companies, CEO’s, has been featured in Redbook, The Boston Globe, Love Engineer, Expert Beacon, and many more, & over 100 radio interviews. He has written three books, has over 150 videos with 250,000 social media followers and over 6 million views. The exercises include information from the highest rated efficiency books and seminars available as well as Bill’s study of CEO’s and other highly efficient & success driven people.

After learning the techniques shown in this seminar you’ll be prepared to start the business you want, write that book, spend more time with your family or just take the cooking class you’ve been talking about.

In addition to daily lessons, there is a weekly live class you’ll join where we talk about the lessons from all my seminars and a forum to ask questions that come up. Sign up below and let’s get started putting you on the path to getting what you want.


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