Bill Farr's passion for helping people and his deep understanding of what it takes to move beyond burnout and have a successful relationship is immediately evident in his seminars. As a guest on my show, I found Bill to be an excellent speaker and extremely knowledgeable about the connection between mind, body, and spirit in overcoming burnout as well as preparing oneself for both finding a perfect mate as well as moving towards higher consciousness. Bill's combination of professionalism and his sincere desire to be of service made interviewing him a joy. I am grateful to have Bill as a friend and colleague, and would highly recommend Bill and his work to anyone seeking the path to improvement & enlightened relationships.

Barb Adams, Talk Radio Host, Amerika Now

Bill Farr, the founder of Art of Unity, is absolutely unique. His energy, vigor, and dedication to guide people to find their balance of mind, body, and spirit is so compelling. Just speaking with him motivates you to excellence. He truly understands the relationship and power of personality, love, and building sustaining relationships. His book The Power of Personality Types in Love and Relationships is not just riveting but will spur you to go out and use all his knowledge & experience immediately. Bill is truly an amazing man of power! It was an absolute privilege to have him as my guest on my show Visions of Success Talk Radio.

Dr. Fred (DocFred) Simkovsky LifeCareerBusinesscoach.com