A ‘trial through fire’ book filled with valuable lessons learned along the way. Bill Farr shares his insights into the complicated world of personality and love. A concise and refreshing perspective, surely meant to help you grow, a little less painlessly, along the way.

Dr. Nivea Briggitte Calico, MD Psychiatrist

If you are looking for a partner best suited for you, The Power of Personality Types provides a unique understanding easily applicable for anyone.

Laura McLauchlin, Marriage & Family Therapist, M.S., LMFT, Counsel for “Teen Mom” (Season 4)

An honest, provocative book that goes right into the core of dating. If you’re looking for your match, this is a must have book for you! Bill Farr offers insight into dating failure and success, and shows how achieving harmony is possible. More pleasure, less pain – aren’t we all hoping for that.

Nataliya Nozharova, Life Coach, M.A. in Spiritual Psychology, Author, “The Heart’s Diaries”

This book gives an understanding of how your perfect partner could be right beside you and what you do that prevents your relationship from working.

Harry Paul, Shamanic healer & Life Coach, Shamanharry.com

Enlightening! The Power of Personality Types empowers you, teaching you how to build relationships with those who naturally match with you and dance with the challenges of those who don’t

Claude Hall, OM Instructor & Intuitive Life Coach

The powerful insights in this book develops your understanding of yourself, your partner and how you relate to each other and the world."

Cindy Lu, Love Coach, Author, “The Four Man Plan”

In The Power of Love and Relationships, Author Bill Farr soothing style and pragmatic approach, allows his readers the comfort to look inward in order to better understand the choice made in relationships. Whether you've been married 50 years are just now looking at entering a relationship, Bill's book teaches us how to transform strained relationships while helping people find their perfect match for their personality type.

Christopher MacLellan, CSA, Host of ‘Be A Heatlhy Caregiver’ Radio

I could imagine the laughter of someone listening while I was reading "The Power of Personality Types in Love and Relationships" by Bill Farr, hearing my outright laughter at times (in recognition and revelation) and 'ah-ha' and 'ohhhhh' exclamations. Truly, Bill has handled a very complex topic in such a clear and organized manner. I congratulate him on the ease in which his ideas are communicated.

Lynn Thompson Host “Living on Purpose” Radio -LivingOnPurposeLynn.com