Chi Gong / Tai Chi for Beginners – An Ancient Way to Vibrant Health

Chi-Gong (QiGong) and Tai Chi for beginners are ancient ways of moving your internal energy and many notice a result immediately. It can be done in meditations as well as I show here in my meditations page. This can be done for the purpose of eliminating toxins, gaining health and wellness, helping with any illness or pain, maintaining energy, and many other positive reasons.

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In the video above the first two exercises can be very beneficial if you are experiencing some negative emotion that you would like to eliminate. It’s a way of shaking off or throwing that feeling, emotion, or mental state out of your system. They are great after an argument, when in fear, anger, frustration, or depression.

Any of these exercises can be done individually if you find them more helpful than others and they can be done for any amount of time you choose.

The exercises should be done with intention! This means while you are doing them, think of the positive results you would like to achieve. That means generating health, abundance, energy, better circulation, balance, connecting with the earth, improving your energy, etc. These movements are also a form of active meditation.

Your hands and body should move as if they are moving through water. Imagine gathering up the energy or “Prana” around you and circulating it through your body. When you are done you can wipe or direct this energy that will be in your hands to different parts of your body. This is especially effective for the areas of your body that hold tension, such as your face, neck, shoulders or any other part you would like to focus and add healing energy to.

Chi or Prana, is all around us and these movements activate them in and around your body.

Do the movements while thinking about the energy in your body with the intention of moving it, otherwise you’re just swinging your arms around. Your chi is active in all movements you make but adding your intention with these movements is like awakening it to purposeful thought.

Your chi is very receptive, and once you work with it for just a short time you can direct it’s movement in the same way you do any of your limbs. Just thinking about it activates it in any practitioner of chi-gong or Tai Chi.

These movements are very helpful against stress, depression, or anxiety but those emotions are also a block to the movement of your chi. So it is important to think of joy, happiness, and relaxation while doing the movements. They will charge all of your energy body including your Chakras and Aura.

tai chi for beginners

My favorite place to do this is touching the earth, such as the beach, so that you can generate energy and free electrons from the earth, as explained in my video here about earthing or grounding.

Additional comments about the exercises in the video:

  • – In the first exercise, imagine your hands as loose as a ball at the end of a string as you swing them back and forth.
  • – In the second exercise, imagine completely relaxing as you throw the energy into the earth with your eyes closed.
  • – Third, imagine gathering energy all around you and flowing it through your body
  • – Forth, breath through your “Prana Tube” (as you should do in all exercises but especially this one) and feel the energy from the earth and sky flowing to you.
  • – Fifth, rotate it up and out of you energizing all of your body in unison.



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