Start Meditating & Stop Bullshitting Yourself Why You Can’t – 7 Myths to Stop Telling Yourself

Start Meditating Now – 7 things about meditation to stop bullshitting yourself about

As someone who has benefited in sports, finance, health, relationships, sex, overall happiness, and more, it pains me to see people lie to themselves about why they don’t meditate. Every person I know who does it regularly has huge improvements in their life immediately. Here are 7 ways people convince themselves they cannot meditate:

Bullshit # 1

“My brain is not wired for it” – Almost nobody starts meditation and has a profound experience the first time. It’s like anything else including sport, the more you do it the better you get at it. Your ability to connect and relax improves over time, guaranteed.start meditating A Harvard University study showed in just 8 weeks of meditation, the brain is physically changed in positive ways. There are times even after over 25 years of working out I have a bad workout, but I don’t doubt my ability to exercise because of it, but keep the habit going.


Bullshit # 2

“I don’t have time for it” – if I told you that you could improve your memory, sleep, health, lower stress, release pain, improve your relationships, creativity, and so much more and it took 15 minutes of your time, would you set your alarm 15 minutes earlier to do it? Every time you go to turn on the TV is another window you could do it. It’s like going to the gym, the first time is the hardest.

Bullshit # 3

“I’m doing it wrong” – there is no such thing as a bad meditation. Some people have an objective to go to sleep, and if you were relaxed and that’s all you wanted then it was a success. There is nothing that says you need to have some profound experience in order to be actually meditating. For some painting, playing a sport, or folding laundry can be a meditation as long as it’s done with intention.

One of the reasons people think this is because they try too hard to concentrate and feel that after one time they should have no thoughts or babble in their head, which is virtually impossible in the beginning, just like playing professional baseball is impossible for someone who never played, but the benefits are still gained.



Bullshit # 4

“It is religious/spiritual” – although there are religious meditations often the meditations people take in classes including mine have no religious or even spiritual affiliation. I teach a way of moving your inner energy to keep your mind and body integrated and distracted from the babble and noise of your stress and has no religion involved. (shown here)


Bullshit # 5

“I’m waiting to get a cd/alter/candles/music” – there is no need for an any of these, feel free to sit up in your bed before and/or after you wake up, in a park, your terrace, the beach, anywhere you feel relaxed. start meditatingIt is also more important to be comfortable then try to sit in some lotus position if you are uncomfortable. Just try to have your back straight. See more details on How to meditate here.


Bullshit # 6

“I’ve never meditated before” (so I don’t know how or what to do) – then there is no better time to start. The fact is anything you have done to relax, such as watching the sunset is a meditation of sorts. Going to your happy place is a form of it, so the reality is most people have been meditating their whole life, they just didn’t label it that.

Bullshit # 7

“People who meditate are weirdo’s, flakes, broke, or too “out there.” – there are tons of hugely successful “normal” people who credit meditation for their success, including businessmen, artists, politicians, writers, etc. The list includes quarterback Tom Brady, Hip-hop mogul Russell Simmons, Actor/Director Clint Eastwood, Howard Stern, Hugh Jackman, comedians Jerry Seinfeld and Russell Brand, basketball stars Kobe Bryant and Michael Jordon.

In fact Coach Phil Jackson who has won an unprecedented 13 NBA Championships, has taught all his teams. Why? Because he realized, as many athletes have, that meditation can literally rewire your brain for success in any arena of life whether you are an athlete, actor, writer, a student or just someone who wants to increase the quality of your life. In fact the United States Marine Corp. has just instilled meditation into their regimens because they have noticed the immense benefits of increased concentration and calm while under stress among other things.

 Are you being lazy? Probably Not!

I don’t think people are lazy to meditate, I just think they don’t understand the benefits for them, or believe them, or feel they are doing it wrong. When you understand how it can affect you, you’ll do it. So if nothing else try to prove it wrong. Do it for just 21 days and see what changes for you.

Everyone I know who meditates regularly can’t understand how people who don’t meditate get through their daily life, but this explains the astronomical levels of depression, anxiety, and unhappiness in our society.

HOW to Meditate-

See my video and blog here on how to meditate including audio files to put your mind on a path to distract the noise and stress in your mind.


See my video and blog here on why you should meditate and the benefits of meditation.

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