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Bill Farr presents a mind, body & spirit approach to complete life change in just 15 minutes a day. That's exercise & nutrition, self-discovery, and meditation for busy everyday people, who think they can't achieve success in these areas.

Mind : Self-Discovery / Relationship

“The Power of Personality Types in Love and Relationship,” is the first book written by Art of Unity founder Bill Farr. The book offers insight into knowing yourself on a deeper level by knowing which personality type you are, and what you require for contentment. Once you know this, it is easy to find your perfect partner or know how to create the relationship you desire with the partner you have.


Companionship is often the missing link to a person’s overall lack of physical or mental health. Finding the right partner can change a person’s life or level of happiness in an instant. This book presents concepts that can show you why certain relationships work in perfect harmony and others don’t, and what is required to create the harmony missing.

The book also offers a way to “find yourself,” by identifying your nature versus your pathology. When we are at our worst in anger, frustration, discontent, fear or any long-term negative emotion, we are not “ourselves,” and are aware we are not accomplishing all we were meant to. These feelings are often a way our spirit is telling us it is time for a change. The change usually requires getting back to the path of a more purpose driven existence. Chapter 16 discusses how to find that aspect of ourselves and why we get off the track.

All your relationships are in someway a match, or a mirror to who you are, and improving yourself will improve all your relationships. Nothing will improve your relationship faster than working on yourself by creating every means possible to know and love the aspects about yourself you do not like and how to embrace them.

Body : Health - Exercise/ Nutrition 

body2More and more research is proving psychological disorders are caused by a lack of nutrition. Our modern marketplace offers mostly unhealthy options of processed foods, sugars, GMO’s, and other health disasters that are often presented as healthy to the uninformed consumer. When a person is unhealthy physically, they are prone to depression, anxiety, attention deficit, and other psychological issues that can easily be corrected through diet and exercise. Many of our blogs are designed to educate people to a path of health and well-being.

When a person is sick or diseased it becomes very challenging to find or create a happy and healthy relationship. With proper nutrition we have more energy and operate at our best in mind and body, further allowing our spirit to be on its path. Our theory follows more of an Eastern approach of prevention rather than seeking a cure.

In almost all cases, a poor diet does not kill a person, (in the short term) otherwise most Americans would already be dead. What a poor diet does is cause obesity, depression, anxiety, aches and pains, premature aging, lack of energy, difficulty to concentrate or remember things, premature aging, diabetes, and other diseases or illness. That pretty much describes most Americans in one way or another. The objective is to create healthy brain and body function in order to have the highest potential for happiness.

To offer an example, A person addicted to heroin is obviously anxious, nervous and will experience severe mood swings based on getting their fix. Now considering it has been proven that eating sugar activates the same receptors in the brain that heroin does it is easy to understand that a person who eats sweets will experience similar sensations. Now considering most Americans consume more sugar in a day then their grandparents, at a young age, did in a month it is easy to see how diet will affect a person’s happiness.

Spirit: Meditation / Chi Gong 


More that ever before people are being drawn to a higher consciousness they know exists within themselves and are seeking ways to access their own power. Meditation is the simplest way to obtain that power. How and why can be confusing, so our goal is to help answer the questions you have in this area.spirit2

This is an aspect that just feeling the slightest movement in your own spirituality leads to an overall desire to want more in all aspects of life. These 4 aspects of body, mind, spirit and environment all lend perfectly to one another. Better physical health leads to better mental and spiritual health and more of a desire to take care of your environment and vice versa. Once connected to your spirituality you begin to develop an awareness of the true power that exists inside of ourselves.



A person’s environment is a major factor in their overall health and happiness. Toxins in the water, the air, the food, cleaning products, and more all effect how our brain operates on a daily basis. I find it important to change all these aspects for the better in order to create happiness in life and relationship. The process of educating yourself to changing your environment with using more healthy natural products helps the earth, our overall health, the health of our friends and family for future generations. It also often saves time, money, and once people are educated in this process, never go back to doing it the way they used to.

Bill Farr

Billy Farr

As a wellness coach I believe, that without growth of mind, body, and spirit together, only limited growth or healing is possible. If a person has done psychological work, yet has not achieved the results they are looking for, it is possible a poor diet is holding them back or lack of some connection to spirit. If someone is challenged to obtain a certain physicality, such as losing weight, it is possible a psychological barrier is holding them back. If someone cannot achieve calm in meditation, they often have a psychological or nutritional issue to work on. Often psychology professionals do not believe nutrition or spirituality has a role in their work but I do not agree and the same in regard to the reverse with other professionals.

Environmental and nutritional Toxicity often causes depression, rage, A.D.D. and other psychological issues that nutrition can easily solve. Toxicity found in the blood, organs, and digestive system, leads to the nervous system, or the synapse causing impulses or desires, that are unable to be fulfilled, because the toxins break the connection. In this day in age there are more health and environmental toxins than at any other point in history. Although our spiritual and physical vibration is higher now than ever before (proven in science, documented in one example, “Resonance: Beings of Frequency”) there are more blocks to getting in touch with a person’s spirituality than ever before. That means that there is now the greatest opportunity to find spirituality and the greatest blocks to achieving that. There is also more opportunity for competition and comparison therefore a higher rate of self-condemnation leading to a lack of spiritual and mental health.

Bio Bill Farr:

Billy Farr is the author of, “The Power of Personality Types in Love and Relationships,” a wellness coach, an instructor in various forms of martial arts and meditation, and a former kickboxing champion and professional Argentine Tango dancer. He is an accredited Quantum Healing Hypnosis practitioner, Reconnective Healer, a channel, and Chi Gong instructor and Reiki practitioner. As a consummate student Billy studies with well-known Western psychology teachers as well as Buddhist monks, South American Shaman, Chi Gong masters, Grand Masters of martial arts and other prominent teachers. He now travels worldwide teaching the principles in his book as well as meditation and wellness. His concepts are designed to help people become healthy and united in mind, body, and spirit in order to prepare themselves to find their perfect mate as well as a path to fulfillment and higher consciousness. The focus is on developing compassion, understanding and respect for each other based on important differences existing in both intimate and professional relationships.

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