Breathing Techniques – Wim Hof Method vs Shamanic Breathing

Breathing Techniques - Shamanic Breathing vs. Wim Hof Method for Superhuman Powers & Altered States

These breathing techniques can allow you to increase your energy, withstand cold, and improve your physical health in many ways.

Wim Hof is making this style very popular and he’s proven many ways this can allow you to almost have superhuman powers. And another method I learned from shamanic healers many years ago in south America. They are both very simple and very beneficial, Wim Hof’s method is shorter and easier than Shamanic breathing and you can see directions for both in the video and below

Breathing Techniques - Instructions:

Wim Hof Method:

- Lay in a comfortable position. It is best to not use a pillow or only a small one so that your spine and neck are in alignment.

- Breath deep for either 2 to 3 minutes or just take about 30 deep inhales and exhales -Breathing pattern is fully in, as much as you can, and then exhale is a comfortable "letting go", DO NOT blow the air out in full or force it out.

- Hold Breath - Once you get past 2 minutes or 30 breaths, the number is not important, let go of the breath fully and hold in the exhale, not taking another breath. Relaxing into your body and mind going deep allow yourself not to breath for at least a minute and up to 3, however long you can go for.

- Breath deep and hold - Once you cannot hold any longer take a full inhale and squeeze, feel the energy radiating up your spine for 15-20 seconds as you hold the breath during your inhale. To create further awareness you can tap with your hands parts of your body such as your abdomen, your chest, your head and your third eye to active your chakras and your brain stem and pineal gland. Imagine moving the energy around in these areas. Also imagine an egg of light for love and protection around you detoxing any negative energy and bringing positive energy.

- Then let go and start the process of 30 breaths over again. Do a minimum of three rounds up to as many as you'd like. The more you do, the deeper you will go and more you will hold your breath and get all the benefits.

- Bonus - you can even do a horse stance or plank to see how long your can hold yourself while you are holding your breath. You will notice this time going up as you do this more and more and an ability to hold your breath longer, but don’t stress about the performance that’s just so you know you are improving.

Shamanic Breathing:

- Lay down in the same way with your head in alignment with your chakras.

- Breath as aggressively as possible for 10 to 15 minutes.

- Every 10 – 15 minutes you will stop and hold your breath. This I usually do on the inhale, as opposed to the last one the down breath.

- Then after you can’t hold your breath any longer let it out slowly and start again.

With this you will see amazing things happening. You will be able to hold your breath for surprising amounts of time. Your state of consciousness will become as if you are on ecstasy and you will begin to feel a deep connection to everything. I like to do this with a tantra meditation that you can find here. /// It will give you an incredibly powerful experience of love, intimacy, and connection with your partner.

Other Tips:

- I recommend putting coconut oil on your lips and mouth because it will be very drying and uncomfortable.

- If you start to cramp or feel pain, try to breath into the pain and continue until it passes.

Diets Based on These Methods

The Diet Wim Hoff is said to practice is very similar to the "Fast 5" diet. The PDF of this diet can be downloaded or read here:

Another Diet based on breath work is called the "Long Breath Diet" and can be found here:

Benefits of These Breathing Techniques:

- Improving your bodies major systems such as the immune system, the endocrine and nervous system
- Oxygenate and improve the pH of your cells leading to powerful healing
- Can help to kill endo-toxins and bacteria
- It can help to increases metabolic activity – meaning it can help you lose weight and there are even diets based around this principle
- It can help to increase white blood cells, which fight disease
- This also helps to move the internal energy in your body in the same way you do when you get acupuncture.
- And that said this can give you a feeling of being high without drugs, and in a totally healthy way.
- It can help you to go into an altered state of consciousness and improve your meditations, in fact I always start my meditations with some deep breathing to help lower stress and get you to a better place to accept what you’re looking to obtain and you can see a whole menu of guided meditations on my site for that.
- This can also help you unlock your pineal gland which is a part of your brain that is referred to as your connection to higher consciousness and is dormant in most people and you can see my video on how to do just that, in the video I’m sitting in the cold with no shirt showing how you can withstand unusually cold temperatures as part of the practice if you want to. For more on the benefits of breathwork see this series from Dr. Andrew Weil: (click photo for link)

Overcoming Cold Temperature Extremes:

If you want to open yourself to your greater power this is done with a mind, body, and spirit approach. You don’t do it just with your body, if you want to go and do incredible things like withstand cold you do that by preparing yourself for it mentally. It’s the same reason when you go on a long trip on a plane or in a car for 10 hours and it’s easy whereas one hour in a car can feel much worse when you didn’t expect it.

When you prepare yourself mentally it’s not only your mental body that prepares, but your physical, emotional and energy body prepares as well.

Another Part of this physically preparation to do extreme things is being nutritionally sound. Eating foods that help and heal your body, sleeping well, lowering stress with meditation, are going to be helpful. As well as moving your chi and you can see my videos on that.

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