Stop Fighting in Relationships: Identifying Emotional Prisons and Self-fulfilling Prophecies

stop fighting in relationships

Summary: Fears and insecurities take us away from our fun-loving inspired selves, but they’re not easy to find; some of my techniques for finding them include identifying your “negative self-fulfilling prophecies” or what I call your “Emotional Prison.” These offer solutions to help you to stop fighting in relationships.

Want to Stop fighting in Relationships?

An Emotional Prison is your place of strong negative emotion where your ego is preventing you from asking for what you want. It’s a place that breaks all connection with your partner and prevents your own happiness. For example it’s places that we go when we make the decision that we don’t matter to anyone, or that we’re are unloved, or become jealous, or start accusing others of things that are really our issue and not theirs. These can be triggered in an instant, but if you know what yours is, you can also get out of it in an instant by asking for what you want.

The “logic,” behind the Emotional Prison is that if you are hyper-aware, worry, investigate, and accuse, you will not be caught in the same “trap” you have seen or been in before.
Another kind of Emotional Prison is when you find yourself wanting other people to suffer, in the same way you are suffering, especially your intimate partners. Wishing harm on others, especially loved ones, is not a natural state and should trigger you that a change needs to be made.

One of the qualities of people in very argumentative relationships is that they are often very stuck in their point of view. Screen shot 2013-07-25 at 11.26.19 PMOnce you identify where you are closed minded or repeating a pattern from your past (repetition compulsion), you can open this block and resume the flow of energy in your life and your relationship. Identifying your “Emotional Prison” can help you with this. See Chapter 16 of “The Power of Personality Types in Love and Relationships” for a full explanation and techniques for how to identify yours.

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