Communication Techniques For Couples – Part 2/2 “The Repeat Exercise”

Communication techniques for couples. Communication Techniques for Couples Conflict is part of any healthy relationship. The only relationships I’ve seen without it avoid it unnaturally. We all even have conflict within ourselves that comes in the form of anger, fear, anxiety, guilt, unhappiness or anything other than love. Conflict should not be feared in a […]

Personality type Combinations in Relationships

Mirror and Complementary Personality Type Combinations in Relationships Within the book, “The Power of Personality Types,” although there are only two types, there are many different combinations of the two since they each have healthy and unhealthy subcategories.   Amongst the combinations there are possibilities for “Mirror” or “Complementary” relationships. Mirror relationships are couples who […]

Overcoming Arguments with Appreciation in a Relationship

Overcoming Arguments with Appreciation Conflict and Appreciation Overcoming arguments in a relationship can be easier if you understand why they exist. The level of appreciation felt in intimate relationship decides how much conflict will exist between the couple. We have all had relationships (either family, friends, or intimate) where we have felt 100% appreciation and […]

Proactive vs Reactive Communication – Part 1 of 2

Proactive vs Reactive   Is conflict part of a loving relationship? Of course! The only people who never have conflict are afraid of it and avoid it unnaturally. In fact, almost every person I’ve ever met has tons of conflict within themselves. The conflicts within ourselves come out in all negative emotions: anger, fear, anxiety, […]

Getting over anxiety and depression – Part 2 of 2

Getting over anxiety and depression Summary – “Timelines” can be a powerful motivator, but for many they have the opposite effect. In Part One we talked about how to overcome anxiety psychologically, spiritually, and nutritionally. Having an awareness of the “timelines” you keep will allow you to discover reasons why you may be building anxiety […]

Relationship 101 – Conflict – How to give up being Right – part 2 of 3

Finding compassion Summary – In order to maintain a healthy relationship it is necessary to give up your self-righteousness. Here is how to do it. How to give up being right In part one, we talked about how a relationship can be defined by a couple’s ability to give up their self-righteousness. Now although you […]

Identifying your “Escape” (Abuse and forgiveness) Part 2 of 2:

How to make a change? Summary -How to make a change in your life, or away from an abusive partner? It starts with knowing your “Escape.” This applies to anything a person is unhappy about and would like to change but does not. In part one, we talked about how, in the case of continued […]