Water filter for the Shower – best shower filter available

Learn the importance of a shower filter here and why it is more important than a drinking filter in this video. Showering in tap water is proven to be 10 times worse than drinking it.


This is the best shower filter I’ve used in 20 years of using shower filters. they don’t hurt the pressure either, and in some cases actually increase the pressure. They are very inexpensive and easy to install as well. Aquasana guarantees that if your hair and skin does not feel softer within a week of using them, they will buy it back from you.

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Pitchers: The zero water filter is my favorite pitcher, taking out more impurities than any other filter.

This is my favorite filter for under the counter with the 3 stages. It easily installs under the counter giving  you a faucet: (Click the picture for Amazon link)

I would also highly recommend the whole home unit:




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