Best Water Filter for home – Learn the benefit of video

In this video I discuss the importance of water in our body as well as options to purify it. I avoid bottled water at all cost as well as most water filter systems. Below is the best water filter I have found on the market.

Pitchers: The zero water filter is my favorite pitcher, taking out more impurities than any other filter.

This is my favorite filter for under the counter with the 3 stages. It easily installs under the counter giving  you a faucet: (Click the picture for Amazon link)

I would also highly recommend the whole home unit:

Other options are:
Over the counter:

I love more than anything the shower filter – See full blog for those for more info:

More on water

This alkalizing water bottle is stainless steel and BPA free

click here for site –

Copper Water Bottle

Keeping your water in a copper bottle has been shown to have positive effects on immunity, digestion, and more – sources – ,

(Click Photos for links)

copper water bottle

copper pitcher


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