Probiotics and Fermented Foods (Part 2/3)

In this video, I explain the options you have for adding good bacteria into your body with Probiotics and Fermented Foods. (See part one to learn the importance of gut bacteria and what kills it)

Options for adding good gut bacteria to your system are:

- Probiotics (gut bacteria supplements) – With these you can achieve anywhere from 1 to as much as 70 billion bacteria added to your system per serving. I like to switch off between these two brands:

  1.   Dr. Mercola’s adds 70 billion per serving.

Complete Probiotics by Mercola - 60 capsules

2. Prescript Assist has the most different strands

Fermented Foods:

- Yogurt – but don’t eat commercial. Commercial brands have sugar, high fructose corn syrup, and aspartame as well as very little to no good bacteria because they don’t ferment long enough, due to the fact that there is little to no regulations on fermenting.

- Kefir – also, only eat homemade, not commercial, see how to make here.

- Kombucha – fermented tea, also eat homemade.

- Natto – fermented soy.

- Fermented (cultured) Vegetables - These are my favorite way of getting Probiotics because they are easy to make at home. Within 7 days of fermenting 2-3 oz has 10 trillion gut bacteria, which is the same as a whole bottle of Probiotics. See my blog on that here on how to make Fermented Vegetables. (Part 3/3 of the importance of gut bacteria) 

- Sauerkraut - Very easy to make at home and tastes great even if you don't like typical Sauerkraut as it is far different in taste and health.

- Lacto- Fermented Pickles - Easy to make and differnt from jarred pickles.

If you are just taking probiotics and not eating the fermented food such as fermented vegetables it is important to add something to your diet for your bacteria to eat, such as Psyllium husk fiber. This keeps the gut bacteria healthy and thriving.

Organic India Whole Husk Psyllium, 12-Ounce

If you have not watched Part 1 - Click Here to learn the Importance of Gut Bacteria and what can Kill It

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