Swiss Ball Exercises for Balance (Part 1 of 2)

Swiss Ball Exercises for Balance There are certain aspects of physical exercise that are often overlooked even in most healthy people’s workouts. Typically people work on strength, endurance, cardio, and more than ever people are coming to realize the importance of flexibility, but two other important aspects that are commonly overlooked are balance, and movement […]

Why “Farm Raised” Fish are Dangerous to your Health

Summary: All Farm raised fish are dangerous to your health. The blog focuses on Salmon, but discusses the dangers of all farm raised fish and the high levels of mercury now found in all fish. The one provider I do continue to buy fish from is linked below. Excerpts from Dr. Mercola: Alaska is incredible […]

Accepting Abuse and Identifying how you mentally “Escape” Part 2 of 2:

Are you accepting abuse? Summary -How to make a change in your life, or away from an abusive partner? It starts with knowing your “Escape.” This applies to anything a person is unhappy about and would like to change but does not. In part one, we talked about how, in the case of continued abuse, […]