The Incredible Benefits of Soaking and Sprouting

Benefits of Soaking and Sprouting Soaking and sprouting is a very old but simple practice that has huge nutritional benefits. You can do this with any grains, seeds, legumes, or nuts. This removes a lot of the phytic acid, lectins, and other enzyme inhibitors or anti-nutrients. These are what cause health and digestive problems such […]

10 Ways to Protect Yourself From Laptop and Tablet Radiation

Ways to Protect yourself from Laptop and Tablet Radiation and EMFs from your Tablet and Computers What can EMF (electromagnetic fields) and Radiation from these devices do? The video at the bottom has Dr. Blank explaining the science of EMFs and how they affect your cells and DNA amongst other things. He explains there is […]

How to protect yourself from WiFi radiation – EMF Part 4of4

Dangers of a WiFi Router – Some WiFi modems have RF levels up to 5000 – Study mentioned below shows plants won’t grow near wifi units. – The danger with WiFi is 24 hrs a day, 7 days a week. Especially pregnant women should be concerned. – This is especially dangerous to children because the […]

Turmeric and Ginger Tea – How to make my favorite tea and the benefits of

Turmeric and Ginger are my two favorite herbs to use for general health function and prevention of so many health problems. Turmeric’s effects are greatly improved with ginger and black ground pepper as well as some fat, such as coconut oil (since some say it is fat soluble). The fat and pepper increases their bioavailability […]

Benefits of Herbal Tea

Benefits of Herbal Tea Below are 15 types of teas and all their benefits, as well as links to purchase them but first lets discuss the problems to avoid with most commercial teas: (You can also see how to make my favorite tea in part two) Use Loose Tea: Regardless of the type of tea […]

Is Your Shower Making you Sick? – Benefits of a Shower Filter

Most people know not to drink tap water, but what they fail to realize is showering in unfiltered water is 10 times worse than drinking it. 10 Benefits of a Shower Filter The EPA has stated that every household in the US has elevated levels of chloroform in the air from chlorine released from the […]

Water Cures Anything – Importance of Water and How to Purify It

Water Cures Anything The Importance of Water Water is essential to all bio-chemical reactions in the body. That means that all aspects of your mental and physical health are dependent on drinking enough water. Why is it said to drink 8 glasses of water per day? This is because that is the minimum estimate of […]

Six All Natural Ways to Whiten Teeth Fast

Six All Natural Ways to Whiten Teeth Fast: Why not use Commercial Teeth Whiteners? Bleaching your teeth with a commercial whitener is expensive and just a way to ingest poison directly into your blood stream, moving towards your brain from underneath your tongue. It also burns your tooth enamel and your gums and you loose […]

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