Do this in the Morning – The 30-Day Process to Peace – Meditation for Peace (2/2)

Meditation for Peace

If you’ve ever felt like you are cursed or that you don’t gt any love from the Devine or god or just simply don’t have the luck they notice other people do this can help. It’s a 30-day trial of the simple meditation that can change the situation to help you manifest better.

This practice is about trust – that you are just as worthy as anyone who you believe is receiving the love or positive energy of the universe or the Devine. In this process, you have to make a conscious effort to let go of fears, judgments, shame, guilt, and insecurities. The idea is to let go of the struggle between you wanting love or positive energy bringing fortune your way, and you not letting yourself receive it, and just accept that love being sent to you for a 30-day trial period.

See Part I For More on Why You May Not Have Peace

– Sit up in your bed when you wake up for 10 to 20 minutes

– While sitting there, start by taking deep breaths for at least 8 breaths.

– Then imagine yourself in a bubble of light that is there for your protection. Imagine The bubble will suck out all negative energy and only allow positive energy to exist.

– Then imagine light and love being sent to you from the universe, the divine, God, or whatever you prefer to call it. Imagine it as a shower of light from above, raining down all throughout your body. As you continue imagine it as a waterfall you’re standing underneath. Imagine it lighting up every part of your body including every one of your cells. The important part is to believe the light or love is coming to you and will absolutely be a part of your day.

This is accomplishing at least 2 things. 1 – it is removing negative energy, negative entities, and negative emotions, and 2 it is replacing and bringing in positive energy.

Now if you feel that you are cursed or have negative entities attached I have about 5 blogs on how to remove that energy using sage and other things taught to me by shamanic healers.

Then as part of this, there are a few things that will enhance this greatly:
– throughout your day say to yourself “Today I am going to look for, and receive love from a divine source and the universe.” And anytime you have some type of negative self-talk just replace that with that phrase.

– And every time you have a negative thought pattern, such as bitterness, or lack, and replacing it with appreciation and gratitude. It’s what I call in my book (The Power of Personality Types) purposeful thought, as opposed to just letting your thoughts happen to you.

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