The Lower Chakras – How to know if you live in them – Part 2 of 5

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The 7 main chakras in your body can easily separate into 3 specific groups.

Those are:

The lower energy centers 1 – 3

The mid energies – 4 and 5

The upper energies – 6 and 7

The lower three are the foundation or base for which all the actions in your life are taken.






1. Root Chakra

The Root Chakra (first) is located below the base of the spine and is closely related to the body and our connection to it or how much you feel at home in your body and your life. A person’s health, constitution, and security are linked to this chakra.


When healthy you feel grounded, stable, and secure; you feel trust in others and your surroundings.

Unhealthy (under or overactive) :

When it is closed or underactive you feel stagnant, fearful, or ungrounded;
When overactive you feel materialistic, greedy, and resistant to change.
This chakra is also associated with career and finances.

Physical Problems associated:

If you’re often tired, ungrounded or constipated you could have an imbalance here that could lead to other health problems.

To balance:

To help balance the energy and open this chakra, since it’s color is red, eat pomegranate, beets, or apples – all of which are red and have roots to the earth and can provide the energy this chakra needs. Try the Unity Breath meditation in chapter eleven.

A lack of self-love can affect all the chakras of course but especially here.


2. The Sacral Chakra

Located in the lower abdomen and It’s associated with the acts of giving and receiving, feeling pleasure, as well as passion, and sexuality. When this chakra vortex is open and rotating properly your feelings flow freely, you’re expressed without being overly emotional, you’ll feel harmony with others, generosity, creativity including group creativity, and selflessness, and have no issues with your sexuality.


When it is closed you feel isolated and alone in the world and creatively blocked; when overactive you think about sex too much, are highly sensitive or very emotional.

Physical Problems associated

Issues here can cause problems with your reproductive organs (such as pain, including painful menstruation) or fertility problems. Does your creativity feel blocked? Do you have issues with sex or wish your sex life was very different? All of these are typical with an imbalance in this chakra.

Foods to balance

Since the color of this chakra is orange, To help balance this chakra, oranges, pumpkin, and carrots can give you the nutrients and energy you need here.

3. The Solar Plexus Chakra

Located just above the navel and below the chest.
This chakra is a focal point for our power, authority, as well force of will such as your self-control and discipline, and our ego. It’s also Power in the sense of how you use your internal energies to affect what is outside the body such as the life you’ve created. When healthy and open, you feel in control, have sufficient self-esteem, and can assert yourself in a group.


When it is closed you feel depressed, sluggish, have low self-worth or sense of personal power and out of control of your destiny; when overactive you feel domineering and aggressive.

Physical problems associated

People who hold back and push their emotions down into their stomach have imbalances in this chakra and problems with digestion or blood sugar, ulcers or liver problems can be an indicator of issues with this chakra.

Foods to help balance

To help open and balance this eat yellow squash, yellow lentils, or bananas (avoid sugar if you are having problems in this area).


Foundational Energies

These are foundation energies and they are important to be mindful of. If you are feeling unsafe or in a panic or hungry or not sleeping much, you won’t have an opportunity to move up to higher energies such as compassion or love for others.

Our predominant energy moves throughout the chakras depending on what we’re doing, our mood, who we are with and many other factors

And which chakra you spend most of your energy in depends on your health of your body and mind as well as your evolution, so one person might handle a negative situation with love, whereas another might identify the same situation as a threat to their survival
or the survival of the image their ego has created and lash out in an aggressive way.

We are the most content in our life when we are in our heart or above.

The first three chakras are concerned with physical and emotional survival of the body and ego, and its growth and reproduction.

Diet Matters

Sugar, processed foods, and other unhealthy foods will keep you in the cycle of addiction, having you feel less in control of your body, less grounded, less in control of your thoughts. High quality, organic, plant-based foods are the best for this and pure water.

Also exercising and moving the energy within your body in a healthy way. This allows for more health of the chakras.

Meditation and chi gong are some of the best ways to create health in your chakras as well are your mind and body.
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