Is Milk Healthy? – Dairy Part 1

Is Milk Healthy? Why dairy is horrible and the major exceptions to the rule (Part 1):

The FTC asked the USDA to look into the science behind the milk does the body good ads. The scientist found that
1. Milk does not benefit sports performance –
2. No evidence that it helps against osteoporosis –
3. Dairy is linked to prostate cancer
4. May be linked to heart disease
5. That it’s bad for 75% of people who are lactose intolerance –
6. It Aggravates irritable bowl syndrome.
And conventional milk causes allergies, sinus issues, ear infections, type 1 diabetes, chronic constipation, and anemia in children,

Milk intolerances:

75% of people are lactose intolerant and it will cause all kinds if digestive and other issues for them including acme, loss of energy, weight gain, diabetes, and other diseases including increased rate of cancer.

Milk Allergy:

A milk allergy is different from lactose intolerance and refers to an abnormal immunologic reaction in which the body's immune system produces an allergic antibody, called immunoglobulin E (IgE) antibody, which results in allergy symptoms such as wheezing, diarrhea or vomiting.

Those with an actual milk allergy must strictly avoid dairy in any form, including cheese. Symptoms of a milk allergy can include asthma, eczema, gastrointestinal distress, as well as bleeding, pneumonia, and even anaphylaxis (shock).

Lactose Intolerance:

Different from both allergies and lactose intolerance, some people have a sensitivity to the casein (a type of protein) in milk. This sensitivity can trigger inflammation throughout the body, which may produce symptoms such as sinus congestion, acne flares, skin rash and migraines.

alternatives to cow milk (like goats’ cheeses) are often acceptable to lactose-vulnerable bodies. Other options are below.

Dairy on the Market today

In this video I’m talking about most milk that is on the market today that I would never suggest for anyone to drink under any circumstances, since it’s bad for our bodies, the cows being tortured in these factory farms. This is also horrible for the environment, and that even goes for those considered organic and many that say grass fed.


Since cows only produce milk when they have a calf to feed, in order to keep them lactating unnaturally, they take the calf away putting tremendous stress on the cow contaminating the milk but dairy cows are kept on sex hormones or pregnant for their entire lives in order to lactate for humans year-round. These milks include a significant amount of the sex hormones estrogen and progesterone. We know that an increased exposure to estrogen increases the risk of cancer, and dairy accounts for 60 to 80 % of estrogens consumed by humans today. This is potentially a cause of girls going into puberty as early as ages 6 or 7, and other hormonal issues. And these are also hormones that produce and stimulate acme, potential weight gain and depression.


Numerous studies have found NO association between high calcium intake and lower fracture risk. As Dr. Robert Thompson M.D. describes in his excellent book The Calcium Lie, your bone is composed of at least a dozen minerals, and if you focus exclusively on calcium supplementation you are likely going to worsen your bone density, and can actually increase your risk of osteoporosis.
Dr. Thompson believes that the overconsumption of calcium in the goal of preventing osteoporosis creates other mineral deficiencies and imbalances that will also increase your risk of:
• Heart disease
• Kidney stones
• Gallstones
• Osteoarthritis
• Hypothyroidism
• Obesity
• Type 2 diabetes
According to Dr. Thompson, unprocessed salts are one of the best sources of these ionic trace minerals that are so vital for strong bones (as well as numerous other biological functions). – I like Himalayan pink salt
Also high quality, organic, biodynamic, locally-grown food will naturally increase your bone density and decrease your risk of developing osteoporosis.
Aside from that, specific foods that are high in calcium include:
• Fresh, dark-green vegetables like spinach, kale, turnips, and collard greens
• Dry beans
• Sesame seeds and almonds
• Wild salmon and sardines
• Rhubarb
• Okra
• Onion

So, taking calcium supplements when you don't have adequate vitamin K2 is a setup for arterial calcification and cardiovascular problems.

In fact, there is a stronger connection between exercise and improved bone density among teens than taking calcium!


In order to make much more milk then they naturally could Conventional cows are given hormones rBST and rBGH these cause udder infections and puss in the milk, and so then they are given antibiotics. These hormones have been linked to several kinds of cancer. And studies have shown that the intake of dairy may increase prostate cancer in men by 30-50% This is just some of the reasons why these hormones are illegal in many other countries.

Drinking milk also increases the body’s production of insulin like growth factor 1 (IGF1 – which is also a known cancer promoter. Some call it a "fuel cell" for any cancer... (the medical world says IGF-1 is a key factor in the rapid growth and proliferation of breast, prostate and colon cancers, and we suspect that most likely it will be found to promote ALL cancers. It’s directly absorbed in the bloodstream, particularly in infants.


Pasteurizing milk significantly impairs the biological value of the food and destroys enzymes, diminishes vitamins, denatures fragile milk proteins, destroys vitamin B12 and vitamin B6, kills beneficial bacteria, and actually promotes pathogens.

Pasteurization today allows dairy cows to be handled and processed in many unsanitary and inhumane ways because it doesn’t matter as the milk is boiled at high heats in the end


This causes 2 major problems for our body:
1. Fat subjected to high heat and pressure oxidizes—meaning it becomes rancid. Drinking rancid fats cause all sorts of digestive problems for your liver and other organs as well as many of the allergies today that didn’t exist years ago. See my video on cooking oils for more on the problems they cause and how to avoid them.
2. After homogenization because fat molecules have been made smaller they can get through the intestinal wall and into the bloodstream. Worse than food in your blood, this then allows for fat-borne toxins (lead, dioxin's, antibiotics, hormones and more) into your organs. This leads to many problems like inflammation, joint pain, allergic reactions and more. Homogenized products have been linked to rising rates of cancer and heart disease and infections, particularly ear infections.

- Now this includes ALL pasteurized dairy, including skim milk, cheese, yogurt, and ice cream. And yes, lactose free or enzyme enriched and organic pasteurized milks

What I recommend is to try giving it up all together, that’s milk, cheese, ice cream, yogurt, cream in coffee and any other dairy just for a 2 weeks and see how your body changes. People I’ve worked with have noticed more energy, less digestive issues, weight loss and inflammation, better sleep, little or no gas, and their skin cleared up in under a week. And another big surprise is for people who snore since that is often a symptom of undigested food. Of course there are other factors like smoking but if you want to stop snoring a clean diet free of dairy, wheat and processed foods will often eliminate this.


And all dairy and non-dairy creamers (powder or otherwise) are also extremely unhealthy and even flammable. They are a synthetic combination of chemicals, oils, sugars, and milk products including gmo high fructose corn syrup, which cause liver problems and weight gain, and also they have synthetic trans fats and natural flavors – giving them license to put many things like msg in it, which causes all kinds of problems in our bodies.

If you drink coffee, see my video on how to make your coffee healthy and go with black with no sugar. I know people often say that can’t go without cream and that’s because milk has opiates in it which make you feel addicted to it, but stopping in a week will have that go away and instead try Ceylon cinnamon and vanilla for flavor.

Now, for some non dairy options I would avoid any commercial brands and you can see my videos on how to make all of these below:
In part 2 I talk about the alternatives and exceptions to the no-dairy diet that I eat, including a fermented food and a great ice cream that is good for you.


Coconut Milk - see video here 

You can use coconut milk to cook basic rice and also for curries. I also make coconut milk kefir. Some people even add it to coffee as a non-dairy creamer. Most commercially sold coconut milks have guar gums and other additives which can upset your digestion.

Almond Milk - see video  here

Hemp Milk - see link here 

 Alternatives I don't like

Rice Milk

Rice milk is very starchy and is high in carbs. Rice milk may also contain arsenic depending on how it was made. It isn’t a great source for calcium, fat, or protein. I don’t like it.

Soy Milk

Soy was traditionally prepared through a long, slow fermentation processes to make food such as natto (which is rich in Vitamin K2), miso, tempeh, and soy sauce, as well as soy milk. Unfortunately, the soy of today is not treated with the same respect and care. The soy bean should be treated with respect because, like many plants, it has a certain methods of protecting itself from invading insects. The soy bean has high amounts of phytic acid and isoflavones, or plant-based estrogens. In addition, at least in the United States, today’s soy is 90% genetically modified which means it is loaded with pesticides. Modern soy milk (even organic) is not traditionally prepared to properly mitigate these toxins. GMOs, pesticides, phytic acid, and endocrine disruptors do not build healthy bodies. I do not recommend drinking modern soy milk. To make this yourself would be difficult at best and probably not worth the effort given the many risks.

For a detailed List of what is dairy products and ingredients copy and paste this link:


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