How to Reactivate Kefir Grains when you first get them

How to Make Kefir and How to Reactivate Kefir grains

If you don’t know the incredible benefits of Kefir see my video here.

You should use the best quality Milk you can get. That means organic, from grass-fed, pastured cows. (Try to avoid ultra-pasteurized)

I like to use this brand to get my grains from:

how to reactivate kefir grains
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All you need is Glass jars, milk, and a strainer like this one: (I would choose a small one like the 4 inch to start)

HIC Brands that Cook Nylon Mesh Strainer, 7-Inch

Glass wide-mouth ball jars:

Ball Wide Mouth Quart Jars with Lids and Bands, Set of 12

  • With the amount of grains that come in the recommended package, (1 teaspoon when new) it is recommended to use 1 cup and up to as much as a quart of milk.
  • You can use more milk if the grains are eating the milk. You will know this by how quickly it separates to kurds and whey. If that is happening before 24 hours, then you need to add more milk.
  • If your grains are getting larger at a rapid rate, then add more milk as well. The grains are more active in warmer temperatures.
  • They grains work best in temperatures between 70 and 78 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • When the grains are put into new milk they should not be strained for 18 to 24 hours. Then you can start the second ferment (shown in video here) – (coming soon)
  • Avoid using metal. Use only glass jars and plastic or rubber utensils.
  • Since Kefir admits gas the jars should be covered lightly to let gas out and not let bugs in.
  • You can find many places on the internet to buy them but I like to get them from Cultures for health because they are very reputable and have great customer service. They will answer any questions – 800 962-1959

They have many strains of both transient and colonizing, a list of which can be seen here:

For more on How to Make Kefir and do a “second ferment” click here – Part 3


This is the most extensive site on kefir that has answers to every question you can ask about Kefir –


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