How to open a coconut – PART 2

How to open a coconut - PART 2

How to Open a Young Thai Coconut:img_5227

The easiest way to open the young Thai coconut, is to use the tool called a cocojack.
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Without this you can peal off the soft skin until you get to the nut (hard center) and use the back of the knife to open the largest space between the three veins.

How to Open a Mature Coconut:screen-shot-2016-11-21-at-4-45-18-pm

  • - Find the eye that has the thin skin. It is usually the largest of the three.
    - Scrape off the skin and use something pointy to cut through the meat into the center.
    - drain the water.
    - Next you can easily crack it in half by hammering down in between the two veins.
  • To easier separate the meat from the shell warm it up for about 15 TO 20 minutes at 350-400 degrees Fahrenheit (about 200 Celsius)
  • - Take it out with a towel or glove, let it cool 15 minutes,
    - hit it all around the sides with a hammer or back of a big knife and then crack it open and separate it from the shell.

You can use a peeler to peal this outer skin or just eat it. this is all very healthy.

This is the meat that we use to make coconut milk and coconut chips in part 3.

How to Open a Caribbean Style Green Coconut

The easiest way is to purchase this tool which is like a cork screw (click photo for link)
how to open a coconut

Knock off the top cap with any knife. Then make a hole with an ice pick or cut it out and pour out the water.

There is not usually much meat in these but if you want to check split it open with a knife from the hole on top.

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In Part 3 I show you the easiest way to make coconut milk and coconut chips.