Frequency of Chakras – Chakras Part 6

 Chakra 6 – Frequency & of Chakras & Vibrations

Chakras & Energy - It’s important to know that Everything you do affects your frequency and vibration - The food you eat, the people you hang out with, the music you listen to, the TV & movies you watch, the place your life, the words you speak, books you read and thoughts you’re thinking, the places you go and more all have a direct effect on where your vibration is.

Over 80% of people live in their root Chakra What are you contributing to the collective?

Just thinking of certain a certain person will affect the chakra you are in & your vibration. All things including people have a certain vibration they resonate at most of the time. Someone who annoys you deeply, will have your emotions will change and your vibration will spike downward, including people you don’t know such as political figures.

This means if you think of someone you love and admire you will have a positive vibration or frequency.

Techniques for raising vibration:

Finding peace videos:
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  • Sacral chakra, which has a frequency from 200-300
  • Solar plexus chakra is above 300-400, same as the throat
  • Heart - love & joy, which is 500.
  • A Meaningful life with wisdom and inspiration is 400
    More on this can be found in a book called power versus force. -
    – amazon - power vs force –

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