Is Finding Peace an Impossible Task? Part 1 of 2

Finding Peace – An Impossible Task?

Having peace in life might be a misconception I think of Peace as a moving target that we can constantly strive for. It’s not simple, but it is possible. For those who don’t have peace, getting married or having children, making money, losing weight, or retiring is not going to give them peace. It’s not a stretch to realize that one thing is not going to give it to you, so it’s important to be aware that you need to take a different approach than you have been. And the same goes for relieving anxiety or chronic stress.


Media – The news and all media you read or watch are designed to cause fear, updating you on how everything in your outer world, as well as your inner world, is going to possibly kill you or your dream or take your money or put you in a desperate situation and threaten the future of you and your family with no solution. And the same goes for any tv show or movie you watch as they are designed to put you in fear and stress throughout the storyline. Food – Most of the food that is sold and all the toxic ingredients that are in it. especially sugar and many of its substitutes as they affect your mood in the same way drugs do. This also goes for any white flour, empty carbs, or eating too much protein as these all turn into sugar. And of course, it’s the same with other stimulants like coffee and other drugs, prescription or not. But this is no secret and if you don’t already know it your food, your water, and your air are all poisoned and they all have a powerful effect on your brain, and this is the point of my work and website. Daily Stress – Trying to keep up with payments on rent and a car and everything else most people are just affording paycheck to paycheck because they thought the nicer car or bigger house would offer more peace. Unexpected Stress – Then unexpected things like finding out a loved one of yours just got cancer, because 40-60% of people have cancer and every household is affected by that or some other disease or sickness. Societal Stress – Insecurities such as feeling too fat or too old, or losing your hair or your clothes are outdated and you need to keep up, when are you going to get married, have kids, or your job or degree is not prestigious enough, or you’re going to turn 40. …and so many more. So is it possible? Yes, but it requires the opposite of what most people are doing and that’s finding gratitude in what you have, raising your vibration, and going for a mind, body, and spirit approach to transformation.

Is the Ego Holding you back?

That’s because our ego is designed to solve problems and often when it doesn’t have a problem to solve it creates one. Every guru or master I’ve heard talks about how there is no real problems and that it’s just our mind that creates them. See chapter 16 of my first book “the power of personality types”. An understanding of this will show you how it’s a choice not to be in crisis any longer

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A holistic approach means taking care of the whole system. – Psychology – why are you unhappy or anxious – Spirituality – Your life purpose – Health – physical health and nutrition. The new approach means a regular practice of meditation, finding hobbies that make you happy, and surrounding yourself with people that make you happy. Learning what is holding you back and how to get over that block, using diet, your psychology, and more.


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