The Family Essentials Kit

Family Essentials Kit:


Congrats on getting started with Essential Oils! DoTerra is my favorite company as I believe they have the highest grade and purity of oils. When first learning about essential oils, since they are helpful for so many issues it can be very overwhelming, but within a few months, you will be using them like a pro.

Start with one or two oils at a time and learn how they will benefit you. I would recommend starting with the first three oils I mention in my first basic video as I use those every day. Those are Lemon, Melaleuca (tea tree)(used the same as clove mentioned in the video), and peppermint. If you get sick look into oregano, which is mentioned in the second video along with Frankincense and Lavender. Then pick a new one or two from the kit each week and as your knowledge expands you can purchase more and get on the points program.

Purchasing the kit also allows you access to classes at, Cindy Lu and Earl are great teachers so Good luck! Below are the ways in which I use the oils in the family essentials kit many of which on the daily. I imagine you are going to love them as much as I do!

How I Use These Oils


– I use in water to kill germs and detox my system of toxins. Just 2-3 drops only in glass (not plastic). Especially when traveling outside of the country I put this in my drinks. When traveling I put the oils in these small bottles with the stickers for the names below. Click photos for links

(See blog and video for more uses.)


– I use this in my homemade toothpaste, deodorant. I put 2 drops in my fingertips, rub together and put under arms prior to putting on deodorant. At first, this will feel cool minty and almost burn for a few minutes but will go away after you detox. If it becomes uncomfortable put coconut oil on top of that.
– This is my go to oil for headaches. Rub 2 drops on fingertips and put on temples and back of the neck behind ears and down the neck.
(See my video blog for more uses)

Melaleuca (Tea Tree)

– Use to in homemade toothpaste (I use clove in the same way, switching off between the two). If you have smelly sweat then use in the homemade deodorant as well.
– Flossing – Use an interdental brush in place of floss by putting a drop on a finger tip, then rubbing brush into the oil and flossing with brush in between teeth.
– Use a couple drops when oil pulling about twice a week.
– Disinfect cuts with 1 drop.
– Put in diffuser to disinfect home
– Use in the toner for skin.
– Use in cleaning products with water or white vinegar to clean and clean countertops.


– Mainly use in a diffuser to relax as well as a hand diffuser. Great for stress and anxiety.
– I use it in my spray toner for my face with Melaleuca and frankincense
– Great for headaches with peppermint
– I use it in my homemade sunscreen.
– I use it for any skin issues – acme, cuts, burn, sunburn. Also good to help diminish sunspots, ringworm or other fungal issues.
(See my full video and blog for more uses)


– This is known as the king of all oils, I use for many different things.
– I diffuse it to relax and especially with meditation.
– I take 2 drops under my tongue for energy in morning and when I need to write or have focused thinking for writing. (Also use peppermint for this as they are a great combination. They can be used together in a hand diffuser as well.)
– Use under the tongue and in hand diffuser, use in a portable diffuser, use in a diffuser. Use before meditation in a diffuser or under the tongue. Take 2-3 drops in the morning to help with energy. These are portable diffusers I use (click photo for link)
(See my full video and blog for more uses for Frankincense)


– I use this mostly for a cleanse since I rarely if ever get sick, as this is great anytime you might take an antibiotic. I take for detox/cleanse every 6 months.
– I also take 5 drops in a capsule at any sign of stomach virus or food poisoning. I then take that twice a day for 3 days until symptoms subside. Since this is a natural medicine it should not be taken for more than 10 days at a time. I save the oregano for any stomach ailment such as food poisoning. I do not suggest drinking straight or putting on skin direct as it can burn your skin. To put on skin for a skin tag or wart put on coconut oil or another oil first. These are the gelcaps I use: (click photo)

– Can be put on toe fungus with coconut oil. After about 2 months will notice a difference.
(See my full blog and video for more info and uses)

Digestzen Blend

– This is my favorite blend. I drink this in hot water with 2-3 drops as an after dinner tea. Everyone I give this to loves it.
– I take this and offer it to people at any sign of digestional upset, such as gas bloating, gas, stomach pain or when I eat difficult to digest foods. Just 3 drops under the tongue or in warm water.
– I take it after almost every meal when outside of the country since there is different bacteria and they may react poorly with my system. This one can save your vacation avoiding stomach issues people often have in South America, India or Asia or when eating pork as it is known for having parasites.

Breathe Blend

– My favorite way to use this is to put in a portable diffuser and use when exercising especially cardio or any type of sports activity. It opens up my lungs and breathing capacity. Click photo for link to portable diffuser)
– Use in a regular diffuser if you have breathing issues.
– Great with seasonal allergies.

OnGuard Blend

– This is my favorite thing to go for at any sign of a sore throat or oncoming cold, cough or sneezing. I drink 2-3 drops in water or put under the tongue and then drink water.
– I also put 2-3 drops in coconut oil and use in oil pulling when my throat is sore or itchy.

Deep Blue Blend

– Use on temples for a headache. For some people this works better than peppermint.
– Also, use on sore muscles. Rub coconut oil on the muscle or joint first then a couple drops of the Deep Blue and rub the area that has muscle or joint pain. Deep blue works great in these roll-on applicators.

To buy the kit Wholesale:

There is a $30 sign up fee that is waived if you buy a kit with 10 oils (at the wholesale price) and you will get a free phone consult with Bill. I recommend the family essentials kit and any of the kits will give you access to free classes as well. Email for more info.
You can find it by going to:
– click “shop for products” in the top right
– click “Begin shopping” (after setting “English” and “United states”)
– click kits
– go to enrollment kits
– then find family essentials kit.



The oils in the links above are pure therapeutic grade and very strong so 1 to 3 drops is going to be enough and always test your skin as talked about in part 1 for any reactions and check with your doctor before using especially pregnant women and children. Warnings are that they can cause skin irritation and other issues. I recommend testing these on your skin prior to use. Check with your doctor before using especially Pregnant women and children. Oregano especially can cause issues burning skin and during pregnancy.


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