Do Antidepressants work? – No Better Than a Placebo according to studies

Do Antidepressants work?

In this video, CBS’s “60 Minutes,” presents Dr. Irving Kirsch's research showing how antidepressants in most cases are no better than a placebo. If you are on, or considering taking anti-depressant drugs you owe it to yourself to watch this video.

Dr Kirsch is the associate director of the placebo studies program at Harvard Medical School. He says, “The difference between a placebo and an antidepressant is minimal.” “It (a sugar pill) will give almost as large an effect, and whatever difference it would be clinically insignificant.”

He goes on to say that it is not the chemical ingredients of the drug that are making them better, it’s largely the placebo effect (The expectation of healing). Many times in his placebo studies, the people of the placebo outperformed those with the real treatment. According to Dr. Kirsch, those mildly or moderately depressed don’t see any difference at all with the placebo.

Even drug company funded studies show small success rates over placebo: Drug company studies show only 14% of those moderately depressed are helped over the placebo. (And these drug company studies are accused of discarding the negative findings)

England has revamped the way these drugs are prescribed, based on their own findings. Doctors there within the commission say with Mild to Moderate depression the drugs are not worth considering. A doctor on the commission goes on the say they overestimated the effectiveness of the drugs and underestimated the side effects. England now has new public health guidelines for antidepressants, only giving them to severely depressed cases and getting them all on an exercise program and talk therapy, with results more effective in just 10 weeks. Similar to my blog here:

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“The Emperor’s New Drugs: Exploding the Antidepressant Myth” by Irving Kirsch Ph.D.



The Emperor's New Drugs: Exploding the Antidepressant Myth



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do antidepressants work



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