How to use Chi Gong for Digestion, Weight Loss & Energize Your Food

How to use Chi Gong for Digestion to Energize Your Food

Using Chi Gong for Digestion and to Energize Food

This is a concept similar to energy healing and kinesiology. Everything has an energy or vibration. Science has proven that even atoms are made up of vibrating strings of energy, and this is called string theory. This concept points out that with high and low vibrations, these can be changed, such as how our energy changes when we are angry versus when we are sad.



Kinesiology (Muscle Testing)

The way kinesiology or muscle testing works is that certain foods or herbs have a vibration that our body needs for healing or nourishment. When you test yourself for this, if you are strong, then the food you are testing will assimilate well and add health to your body. You can see my full blog on how kinesiology and muscle testing works here.

Energy healers work by building up the chi in their hands and flowing it into the person they’re healing and enhance the person’t own flow within their meridian lines.
Using your own chi or energy to energize your food or plants with Chi Gong/ Tai Chi is a practice that can help with digestion and help to lower cortisol and therefore help you to lose and avoid fat. Most importantly this will remind you to relax before eating and help to absorb the nutrients in the food you are eating.

Chi Gong is a concept that is said to be 10,000 years ahead of our time of acceptance. Anyone who has done it properly or has had a chi gong healing and has felt even subtle energies knows its power in at least creating balance emotionally. There are many benefits further than that you can find in my blog and videos here.

Digestion & Eating Slowly

I am well aware that this video will not be accepted well by most. I realize this is not for most people. Leaving the energy work aside, if you don’t want to try some chi gong exercises for yourself, then understanding the importance of de-stressing prior to eating a meal will be helpful.

Think of your lunch as a mini-vacation during your day. – Have you ever had a great vacation and looked back later and thought you didn’t even enjoy it because you were stressed and not appreciating the moment? Food is the same. It should all be enjoyed and savored. This slowing down helps to enjoy, appreciate, and absorb the nutrients of the food.

Now to build the energy just remember as explained in my chi gong videos that chi gong is based on movement, breath, and intention. Even just talking about it can move the energy in your body since you are able to control it, it just takes practice.

For those that are more left-brain or science-minded this video on the “Baxter Effect” will be helpful for you:

For more on how to move your chi, go to my blog and video page on Chi Gong here.

Dr. Emoto’s book on the hidden messages of water shows how intention affects water molecules.
Chi Gong for Digestion

The Elegant Universe talks about superstring theory and how all things are made of energy.

Chi Gong for Digestion



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