How to Decalcify Your Pineal Gland and Why You Should

First lets talk about the benefits of decalcifying your pineal gland, which is essentially the awakening of your third eye. – Awakening/greater awareness – Your souls awareness is awakened causing you to want to be free of ego pleasures and strive to experience only love and compassion. You will experience a greater connection to all […]

Zero Waste Lifestyle – Tips to Stop Using Disposable Plastics!

Resources & Links Below Zero Waste: Simple Actions to Take Right Away: 1. Recycle grocery and shopping bags instead of plastic bags – 2. If you have to use a straw use a bamboo or metal one (click photo for link)   3. Get a Stainless Steel Water Bottle Water Filter – 4. […]

Remove Negativity, Black Energy and Clear Entities with Sea Salt – Part 4/5

How to Cleanse Yourself of Negative Energy, Clear Entities, Beings or Dark Energy Is it possible you can benefit from a cleanse? Salt-water treatment should especially be done when one experiences symptoms such as: Lethargy Reduction in promptness Inability to think clearly Excessive thoughts especially negative in nature Anger or any other extreme negative emotions. […]

Clearing Negative Energy From Your Home, Office, or Car – Part 5/5

Clearing Negative Energy from Your Home or Space – Part 5/5 Do you feel odd or negative energy or just the energy change in some way in your home, office, or car? Did you move into a new space and want to clear any negativity? Negative Energy may happen for a number of reasons Metaphysical […]

How to Protect Yourself From & Remove Negative Energy – Part 2/5

How to Protect Yourself & Remove Negative Energy – Part 2 In part 1 of removing negative energy we show if you or your subconscious beliefs are the cause or perpetuate the negativity around you? And lifestyle changes and how to change your thought process. Recent research at Bielefeld University has discovered that plants can […]