The End All Strategy to Get you to Sleep – Using Light for Sleep Synchronization

Sleep Techniques That Work Optimize Your Body’s Sleep Synchronization Using Light An important part of sleep or not being able to sleep for people who have tried everything (such as powerful herbs and techniques in the first blog here) is understanding your circadian rhythm and the difference between blue and red light exposure. Your pineal […]

Remove Negativity, Black Energy and Clear Entities with Sea Salt – Part 4/5

How to Cleanse Yourself of Negative Energy, Clear Entities, Beings or Dark Energy Is it possible you can benefit from a cleanse? Salt-water treatment should especially be done when one experiences symptoms such as: Lethargy Reduction in promptness Inability to think clearly Excessive thoughts especially negative in nature Anger or any other extreme negative emotions. […]

Can’t Sleep? – Here are 5 techniques and 5 herbs to help you sleep

 Tried Everything? Here are Powerful techniques to help you sleep 1. Meditate! – Yes, once again, one of the most powerful techniques for sleep. Develop a regular practice even if you think you can’t. even when I can only sleep for a few hours because of work, I will meditate before and after bed. […]

The Damaging Effects of Less Than 8 Hours of Sleep

How much sleep do you need? 45% of men reported believing it’s possible to train yourself to need less sleep but this is a myth. Your body requires adequate sleep – about eight hours a night or so – and there’s no way of “fooling” it or getting around this basic need. It is important […]

How to Protect Yourself From & Remove Negative Energy – Part 2/5

How to Protect Yourself & Remove Negative Energy – Part 2 In part 1 of removing negative energy we show if you or your subconscious beliefs are the cause or perpetuate the negativity around you? And lifestyle changes and how to change your thought process. Recent research at Bielefeld University has discovered that plants can […]

Foods and Herbs to Overcoming Addiction Naturally & those to Avoid – Part 2

Foods and Herbs to overcome addiction naturally (continued – for part 1 on a psychological and spiritual approach click here) Foods to Avoid: – Sugar: Studies show how sugar has very similar effects on a person’s mood as drugs do. In the video below Dr. Lustig talks about how sugar has the same effects as […]

How to Make Water Kefir and Why you should

What is Water Kefir? If you have not heard of water kefir you can think of it as a super powered yogurt that masquerades as a carbonated healthy soda. This can also help you kick the soda habit! It’s a Dairy free probiotic drink that’s easy to make. Just like milk kefir I prefer to […]