Your Candles Are Toxic – Use These Instead – Home Air Pollution Part 1

Your Candles are Made of Toxic Waste – Air pollution Part 1 Candles Are Toxic   (Links below for air purifying beeswax candles) In part 1 Learn how toxic Typical candles are and the solution – In Part 2 Learn the toxic ingredients in air fresheners and other household items – In Part […]

Zero Waste Lifestyle – Tips to Stop Using Disposable Plastics!

Resources & Links Below Zero Waste: Simple Actions to Take Right Away: 1. Recycle grocery and shopping bags instead of plastic bags – 2. If you have to use a straw use a bamboo or metal one (click photo for link)   3. Get a Stainless Steel Water Bottle Water Filter – 4. […]

Powerful and Natural ways to relieve pain and fibromyalgia – Inflammation part 2

Natural Ways to Relieve Pain and Fibromyalgia With the many potential side effects of pharmaceutical drugs, herbal medicine for pain relief is becoming more and more popular. Often chronic pain is caused by inflammation. See my full blog here on how to reduce inflammation (part 1) Natural Options for Powerful Pain Relief Here are non-drug […]