What are the Benefits of Different Coconuts – part 1

Benefits of different coconuts Coconuts you can get in stores typically come in three types: – Mature brown coconuts – Young Thai coconut – Caribbean coconuts (green when fresh and brown when older) I always prefer to get the young coconuts (Thai and Caribbean) over a mature ones because: – There is more coconut water […]

Toners for Anti-Aging and Clear Skin, and More

Toners for Anti-Aging and Clear Skin A toner is made in a spray bottle for the purpose of spraying or spritzing on your face to remove bacteria, prevent acme, refresh skin, protect against dirt and elements, prevent premature aging and more. These are great for both men and women. After shaving they are helpful to […]

5 Steps to Kick Sugar Cravings & Alternatives

Understanding the Science of the Brain and Sugar addiction as this video explains can be very helpful. Problems with Sugar Including desert foods, cakes, ice creams, all gum, cookies, jelly, jams, jellos, cake, fruit juice, sodas and anything with sugar – This also includes Agave, brown sugar, raw organic cane sugar, evaporated cane sugar, coconut […]

Level III Nutritional Diet Plan – Getting Over Being Sick

Five Levels Nutritional Dieting – Level III Diet Level 3 – This is a temporary diet for those who are sick with seasonal threats and want to get over it. The foods you eat are critical to overcoming any sickness. At least temporarily, we are moving closer to a more alkaline diet (level IV) which […]