Heavy Metal Detox Smoothie Protocol

Heavy Metal Detox Smoothie (Find where we ingest heavy metals and how to know if you h ave them here)  Smoothie Ingredients: (benefits of each ingredient below) Solids: 2 Cups of Frozen Wild Blueberries (wild not cultivated) @wymansfruit – https://wymans.com/store-locator/ or Trader Joe’s organic wild blueberries (blueberries best but if not – either 2 tablespoons wild blueberry […]

Celery Juice Protocol

Here is the celery juice protocol in order: 1.   Drink 8-10oz glass pure water with lemon first thing in the morning. Wait 20-30 minutes (This cleanses out previous days toxins from liver) 2.   Juice 16-32 oz (2-4 cups) celery juice (1 large whole stalk juiced) (stalk not stick) (use a slow or masticating juicer) 3.  […]

How to Make Sauerkraut – Lacto-Fermented – Probiotic foods in just 10 minutes

How to Make Sauerkraut Sauerkraut, specifically lacto fermented, is a probiotic or fermented food. Probiotic foods, like this have been shown to lower the risk of just about every form of acute or chronic illness there is. The Journal of Applied Microbiology states that probiotic benefits from cultured foods include lowering the risk of: brain […]

No Bake Date Energy Balls – Super Healthy Recipe

  Date Energy Balls These are great for a snack, before a workout and a great healthy alternative to sugar heavy foods. They’re also vegan and gluten free. Ingredients: (Click photos below for links) – 2 cups of pitted dates. Prefer organic unsweetened medjool dates. I like to buy the dates with the pits as […]

Healthy Exceptions to Milk & Alternatives – Dairy Part 2

Part 2 Healthy exceptions to milk and alternatives.   Are There Healthy Exceptions to Milk? – Dairy Part 2 In part 1 – I talked about problems from conventional pasteurized and homogenized dairy is for everyone including those who are not lactose intolerant. Understanding what makes you tired, gassy, achy, depressed, lose sleep or any […]

Is Cheese Healthy? – Dairy Part 3

Is Cheese Healthy? Americans especially are eating far too much cheese but more importantly the wrong kinds of cheese and as a result of this, amongst other toxic processed foods, diabetes and obesity along with disease & illnesses are a dilemma here and this is part of the problem. Listen to your body There is […]