10 Ways to Get over & Prevent Headaches

Causes of Headaches

There are a number of factors that cause headaches. Questions to ask yourself as to why the headaches are happening?

  • What is the flicker rate of your light bulbs (at work and home)?
  • How much artificial blue light are you exposed to (from bulbs and devices)?
  • How shallow is your breathing (95% of people are shallow breathers)?
  • How is your sitting and standing posture most of the day?
  • How much EMF’s are you exposed to?
  • How much inflammatory foods are you eating?
  • How often are you connecting to earth and nature?
  • How much water are you drinking?
  • How much sleep are you getting?
  • How is your stress level?
  • How pure is your water?
  • Are your hormones in balance?
  • Are you constipated? (If you don’t have regular daily bowel movements you probably are?)

(Solutions below) 


Relieving a Headache

1. Peppermint Essential Oil

My best solution for headaches is Peppermint essential oil. I rub it on my temples and back of my neck as explained in this link at about 3:30 – 



See the full blog here – https://theartofunity.com/oil-basics/

2. Cayenne Pepper & Water

A teaspoon of cayenne in a cup of warm water.  I have seen it work dozens of times. Try it and see. 

3. Pressure Point Massage

Here are some pressure points that may help to relieve pressure.

You can see here other natural ways to avoid pain

Avoiding Headaches

1. Foods to Avoid

The foods you eat can be a trigger of headaches. Artificial sweeteners, MSG, aged cheese that contains tyramine (such as blue cheese), chocolate, red wine, processed meats, and dried fruits, can all be a potential cause.

2. Foods & Supplements to Eat

Water is the most important as dehydration is a major cause of headaches.

Supplement Deficiencies – about 50% of those with recurrent headaches are deficient in magnesium, so increase your consumption of green leafy vegetables. Spirulina is another good source. Vitamin B2 deficiency can also contribute to headaches, so eat B2 rich foods, such as spinach, beet greens, mushroom, and asparagus if you struggle with frequent headaches. Vitamin C is another cause, so supplementing or fresh-squeezed citrus juice can help. If you are constipated Psyllium husk is very beneficial                                     

3. Deep Breathing

When you feel it coming on, to avoid headaches I would suggest setting a timer on your phone to do deep breathing techniques at least 2 times per day such as these – https://theartofunity.com/deep-breathing-for-athletes-asthma/

4. Artificial Blue Light

Getting blue light blocking glasses and the low flicker bedtime bulb linked in this blog – https://theartofunity.com/blue-light-dangers/

– The flicker rate of light bulbs in most cases are invisible to the naked eye and is like getting hundreds of flashes of light per second into your eyes. This is a huge unknown cause of headaches. LED lights especially cause a problem with this and blue lights from almost all artificial light sources (invisible to the naked eye). The bottom line is getting either incandescent bulbs at 2700K or the bedtime bulb. Links and further explanation for these are in the blog above or here. You will also want to add a free software on your computer called IRIS, which takes the blue light away, also in the same blog.

5. Avoid Sitting Disease & Stagnation

And getting up from your desk to allow for the lymph to move and avoiding sitting disease – https://theartofunity.com/dangers-of-sitting/

Sitting at your desk too long is a cause of stagnant lymph and poor circulation, both of which could cause poor health and headaches.

6. Posture

The typical posture most people have while sitting at a computer all day cuts the circulation to your head, with your back croched over and your neck down. Being sure to sit up straight putting your computer at a higher level, on a box or something can help avoid this.

7. Avoiding EMFs

If you are getting chronic headaches, you may be or be developing sensitivity to electromagnetic frequencies. This could be caused by a smart meter by your bed or desk or being on a cell phone too much. See my solutions here

8. Herbs to Help Avoid Headaches

I like the tinctures as opposed to pills because they are readily absorbed by the digestive system. Although I prefer non-alcohol personally, often those work faster, but you can find which is best for you. You can often feel the benefit right away.

  • Ginger (you can make as a tea or juice them) and Valerian are also helpful.

9. Hot & Cold Shower

After warming up with a hot shower, turn it as cold as it can go. This can help clear sinuses and cause blood vessels to open up and flow, which can alleviate the pain and causes.

10. Grounding

Getting an earthing mat as explained here – https://theartofunity.com/earthing-the-most-important-health-discovery-ever/

The List Keeps Growing (& other causes to avoid)

11. Heavy Metal Exposure

If you have really bad headaches that are frequent, you may consider a heavy metal detox. (This is especially important if you eat a lot of fish (sushi especially) or have metal (silver) fillings, have tattoos. See my blog here for more on this – https://theartofunity.com/the-best-way-to-test-detox-heavy-metals/

12. Regarding Stress

This is a huge cause of headaches. See my blog on how to meditate here with guided meditations.

13. Sleep

Lack of sleep is also a huge contributor to headaches. See my blog on how to get better sleep here.

14. Pure Water

Our tap water is full of toxic chemicals. Bottled water is better but also full of other chemicals. See my blog here on how to filter your water.

It’s important to limit all the toxins in your environment. Here are some other Blogs that may be helpful for you:

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